Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Positive wavering a bit

Thank you for all the encouragement and love - think I need it right now (well, we all do, don't we?!).

My 'positive' outlook for the year is already being tested, and it's only the 2nd day.  Things are happening around me that I have no control over but are incredibly frustrating.  And my mother had to have paramedics called out again last night, she'd been in bed unwell all day, not eating or drinking again, and as a result was dehydrated with really low BP and all confused again.  Honestly, she's been told umpteen times she should at least keep drinking, and my younger brother (who admittedly does have lots of health problems himself, but is sometimes very self absorbed and unobservant) lives with her, so the pair of them should know better.  Paramedics stayed with her for a couple of hours again, getting her to drink first, then eat something, and checking until her BP had risen to a more normal level.  They also gave her a telling off....whether it'll do any good remains to be seen.  It's so frustrating for me when I live 150 miles away.  To make things worse, my sister, who lives next door to mum, was out last night.

Anyway, I've kept busy this morning - put all the (few) decorations away (can't bear to see them in January, they're SO last year), did washing, made soup for lunch, did some banking, made a few phone calls to make some arrangements for next week.  


  1. I think it is typical - All that determination and then things start attacking it. I think, for me, it is to remain positive through the problems that is the challenge, not to be positive because it's easy and straightforward.
    We can do it, Sooze. There will be ups and downs but they will give us practise on working at it!
    I'm glad your mum is recovering and I think paramedics are absolutely wonderful. Thank goodness they were there. Something to be very grateful for.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mum Sue, dehydration can cause so many problems and it is easy to let it happen when you are unwell. I know it must be hard not to worry, having your sister and brother near her must be a relief. Take care. Marlene. x

  3. Stay strong worry about you and your husband's ,oh ,and Betty's health.
    They all know what they SHOULD do and have been told , now it is up to them. They own the control of themselves.
    I know it is easy to say from here. But, I worry about you guys too.
    Hugs and caring to you . If you don't feel you can write it out here. Do it at home read it out loud to yourself, then burn it.
    Take a short walk or just go and stand outside and breath in the fresh air, look at the beauty around you , close your eyes and breathe. You might want to sit before closing your eyes. I am now out for a walk with our doggy to breathe my own fresh air and listen to the birds and enjoy the sights.
    Good thoughts and vibes from here. Take care. I'll check in on you later.

  4. I agree with Gemma's comment. There's only so much you can do to help people and after that its in their court. Trouble is, if you are a caring person its hard to turn that part of you off isn't it?

    1. I agree too that if you are a caring person it is very hard to do , turn it off. But it is hard to make those who tend not to care about or for themselves, care about themselves.
      :) I do believe we are in agreement. Worrying your own self sick , doesn't help others or you. We all seem to care.

  5. Sooze I am so sorry that you are being tested in your resolve already.
    Just take one day at a time.

  6. From all the times Col spent in hospital he said So many people end up there because of dehydration and then that triggers urine infection - then that causes confusion. a problem for elderly people but difficult for you to solve when you are not close.

  7. Oh Sooze, I feel for you, my neighbour and close friend from my cottage in Tydd was just like your Mum. I popped in twice a day every day and so did her daughters. But it was not uncommon to find her, in the afternoon, in her chair with a cold cuppa beside her from the morning visit. Our decs are mostly down and packed away, each room is getting a good going through as it is cleared. I hope that things get on the upturn soon.

  8. So glad I found your blog again. Hope your mom starts to feel better.


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