Tuesday 15 January 2019

Trying to concentrate on day to day things

Got some really nice meat from the butchers yesterday.  Along with the 10 packs of minced beef, we got belly pork slices and husband wanted some pork ribs.  8 belly pork slices for couple of pennies over £8 and they're huge, so frozen in packs of 2.  2 half racks of pork ribs costing about a tenner for the two, which husband cut into individual ribs - turned out to be 10 ribs, again huge and very meaty, so again frozen in 5 packs of 2 ribs.

I made a savoury crumble for the turkey pie yesterday, then stirred through some oats, parsley and sage and grated Cheddar.  I used that to top the turkey, leek and mushroom pie filling, which was in a sauce made from a chicken stock cube, water, cream and mustard.  It was delish.

I've done a meal plan for the rest of this month, incorporating a couple of meat-free days every week - notwithstanding the fact that we've now got loads of meat in the freezer, we do like to have some veggie days as well.  

Mum's seen the GP and had the latest results.  Not too good, her heart's giving cause for concern, BP still low despite being taken off meds, very anaemic but ferritin very high....which could be caused by a number of things, rheumatoid arthritis (which she has), diabetes (she's not), inflammation or infection, liver disease, some types of cancer, even restless legs syndrome being a few of them.  GP has no explanation for the diarrhoea or a definite cause of the high ferritin, so she's referring mum back to hospital for further investigations, and has said to make sure mum keeps her fluid levels up.  Poor old thing's been having a bad couple of days and has spent all her time in bed again.  It's all very worrying.

We were thinking of going to Kent on holiday later this year - very good friends of ours live on the Kent coast, they come to see us every year and we've been saying for years we must go and see them.  However, after discussing it we've decided against it....husband's heart failure means he gets very tired nowadays, and it comes on very suddenly, so a long drive (5 hours and possibly longer, if the traffic's bad on the M25 or Dartford crossing) is not really a good idea.  Even if we stopped 2 or 3 times, which we would have to anyway with Betty, the long hours would still be too much for him.  His health is paramount.  


  1. Poor Mum, it's a very stressful time for all of you and most of all for her. I'm very glad the GP is referring her on for further investigations.

    The meat situation sounds brilliant. There's nothing like a good butcher, is there, for that sort of thing.

    And yes, healthy has to come first. I hope you find somewhere a bit more local for a break.

  2. Sorry your Mum was bad again maybe she overdone it by going to church.
    It's good you have a good stock of meat in the freezer especially that they say we are going to have a cold spell my daughter took me to Morrisons and I got a good stock in. we have a small shop in the village that is handy, but it we snowed in we can not get out because they cut our roads of and my daughter can not get to me.
    Hazel c uk

  3. Is your Mum on Omeprazole because I can't take it because of what it does to the rear end, lol. Just a thought.

  4. We are lucky enough to have a brilliant butcher too Sooze.

    I hope further investigations can get to the bottom of your Mum's troubles.

  5. I really should make the effort to go to our local butcher, sounds like a good deal to be had. Sorry your mums still feeling yucky, hopefully they will find out what's causing it.

  6. I so understand what you are going through with your mum. It's so difficult when elderly parents are fading and it seems that nothing can be done. I think of my parents often when you talk about your mum. It is so different here. We do have butcher shops but they are so incredibly expensive that only the well off shop there. It's the same at the farmers markets, so so expensive.


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