Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Blimey and OMG

It's husband's birthday today (68, blimey) and I'm cooking what he wants....he's asked for prawn cocktail, a lamb leg steak with the veggies he likes (virtually everything!), followed by cheese and biscuits.  So an easy meal for me to do.  We rarely buy each other presents now, but generally buy something for ourselves - that way we get exactly what we know we want.  He bought himself a new pair of winter boots in the sales.

And an OMG - Sis weighed mum yesterday....she's lost 2 stones in the past 4 weeks, worryingly.  She's not been eating much as she's feeling/being sick every couple of days, and has had diarrhoea pretty consistently for weeks as well.  I - well, we - really hope the docs get to the bottom of all this sooner rather than later.  But when all her tests keep coming back as normal, I think the doc is at a bit of a loss as to what to do next.  Mum's quite weak, understandably, and is very down about it all, which is to be expected.  Sis has spoken to the doc, who's asked for a urine sample to be taken in.  She's also advised stopping another of mum's tablets.  Mum has to go for more blood tests on Thursday.  It's very hard not to worry.

I've got a big list of things to discuss with sis and brother tomorrow.  I hope between us we can all come up with some good ideas to help mum.  Brother was a police officer for 30 years, so he's pretty sensible.


  1. Are there any Geriatricians your GP could refer your Mum to. Even though tests are coming back 'within normal range' their speciality is care of older persons so with their knowledge and experience they may be able to interpret them in a different way.
    It truly is a trying time for you, your Mum, and the rest of your family.
    (((Hugs))) for all of you

  2. A very happy birthday to Him Out. It may be an easy meal but it sounds most delicious and the leftovers will be lovely too!

    I agree, extremely worrying and I do know how it feels so am sending lots of sympathy and love your way. I would think if GP is baffled, it needs to be referred on for more specific investigation. I should think it is impossible not to worry. Perhaps the family meeting tomorrow will be of some help and it's good to know you are all working together.
    Lots of love.

  3. A very Happy Birthday to Him Outdoors Sooze.

    That is a very worrying weight loss for your Mum and as Cathy says....she needs referring to someone more specialised.

  4. Rapid weight loss is very worrying- i think a beratric specialist would be a good idea too. I’m 69 today, so wish happy birthday to your much younger husband!

  5. In your case it seems that 'there is always something'.
    I hope you get to the bottom of your Mum's problem soon.

  6. Happy birthday to husband! Safe trip tomorrow! I am so sorry about your mom!!

  7. Happy Birthday with a good meal, lucky man, and new boots to boot.:)
    It sounds like the doctor is finely taking this seriously. You guys will come up with what is best. Another doctor's opinion possibly.If that is possible her doctor may look forward to another opinion.

  8. there is not much that I can add to all that. I do hope that it gets dealt with soonest. I hope hubby enjoys his dinner, it sound delish.


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