Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Brexit!! (or alternative title - FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!)

Now, I have absolutely zero interest in politics, I rarely vote in general elections as ALL politicians from ALL parties seem much the same to me:  they promise all manner of wonderful things to get you to vote for them, then conveniently forget or change their minds once they're in power.  And they're all so holier than thou, taking a stand on various moral things when it invariably comes out that they have the morals of an alleycat.  Frankly, I don't really care what they did when they were students....we all have pasts and have all done things we're not proud of and wouldn't do today.  But just be honest about it, for goodness sake!

So Mrs May's Brexit deal has been well and truly scuppered, and by a big proportion of her own party, too.  What happens now I have no idea - according to the papers this morning, Corbyn is going to try and force a general election, although apparently a lot of May's MPs, having kicked her in the ribs last night, are crawling on their bellies and trying to make amends by backing her today.  Bunch of tossers (excuse my language).  So there's no guarantee there will actually be an election....and, in any case, what makes that dangerous, deluded cretin Corbyn think anyone is now going to vote for him?!  Apparently, there could be various versions of Plan Bs, or a soft exit, or delaying the leaving date, or a new referendum.  So, basically, they haven't got a bloody clue what to do now.

I sincerely hope there isn't another referendum - would anybody actually take the trouble to go out and vote again?  Why the hell should we?  The country voted the last time and look what's happened - pretty much nothing!!  Our country's leaders have just squabbled and argued amongst themselves for the past 2+ years and FAILED TO DELIVER!  So why should THEY have any confidence that THE PEOPLE will have any confidence in them getting their act together and doing what THE PEOPLE want a second time round?!

This country is now one big laughing stock - Europe and the world (and our Queen) must think we're (well, the Government really, but we're all lumped together, despite us minions having bugger all to do with it really) idiots.

I don't really care whether we stay in or go out, it matters not a lot to me, all I care about is whether prices are going to rise significantly.  I just wish, as does everybody I know, that they would JUST GET ON WITH IT, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!  I, and everybody else I know, am just sick to death of it all.

I don't normally do politics, doubt I will again, and would just like to state that these are MY opinions only, for what they're worth.  Oh, and I got out of bed the wrong side this morning, bad night again and I've got backache, grump grump.


  1. :-( Look after yourself and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Phew..... a Very Good rant!
    Gawd knows whats next - I guess we'll find out sooner or later

  3. I was having a bad night as well and I have to go out today never mind I will get and early night tonight hopfully.
    Hazel c uk

  4. Who knows, just hope they'll get on with it and finally try to work together instead of squabbling, point scoring and back fighting. Most of the rest us moved on from kinder garden decades ago!
    Hope your back eases quickly.

  5. Look after that back-remember stress makes it worse. I always vote in every election and referendum and although I may not agree with the result, I always thought I was doing my demoratic duty and therefore would abide by the result. Looks like politicians have forgotten what democracy means. The only thing I can say is-be glad you are not Scots as the SNP dodn’t agree with the result of our referendum and want to do it again!! The two things I know are: we cannot afgord a General Election and prices will rise for sure. Sorry for my cynical response, but like you, I actually just want it done!

    1. I agree Catriona I always vote the women of the Suffragettes did so much for us.
      Hazel c uk

  6. It must have been an epidemic of bad nights then Sooze as I haven't had a good one either.

  7. I agree. Bad night here as well, still awake at 04:30.

  8. Best night's sleep for ages for me!
    I'll eat my hat if the ' government' is toppled; they're a self serving lot.

  9. I say politicians live in a different world than 'we the people'.

  10. Oh, thank you my darling, this has made me giggle! I am now cheered up a lot. xx

  11. Now you've got that off your chest go and have a little drinkies and relax, lol
    I do not give a dot about Brexit, I'm sick to death of hearing the b word. Does anything change? I just go on sewing, lol

  12. I saw some students on breakfast telly this morning, they were of the opinion that not only do the people not know what is happening neither does the house of commons. Cameron started all this and then jumped ship like a rat. I don't care if we are in or out. Prices will rise whatever happens. I had the best night for over a week and hope that you are recovered now.

  13. Sorry you had a bad night it does make you feel off all the next day. I don't follow politics very much myself but I do care about the outcome of all this. I care for the people who will not be able to get their normal medication as it might be unavailable or too expensive for the NHS if it is manufactured in Europe and it looks like we may have to have even shorter prescriptions than a months supply to cope, I care for the animals whose welfare was protected under EU laws but we have nothing in place as yet only some vague promises, I care for the Irish who are going to be put under enormous pressure again because of the border problem and that could result in living with the fear of more violence erupting when they have now got used to peace again, I care that we are sailing into the unknown with so many new problems to deal with and the thought of rising prices. It is a wonder any of us can sleep at night.
    Hope you have a better night tonight.


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