Saturday 19 January 2019

Using up leftovers. And still no words

I had a few odds and ends of foods that weren't being eaten for one reason or another, so needed to get on and use them up, before they went off or we got fed up with them hanging around and were tempted to bin them - something I really don't want to do anymore.

We had most of a large bag of roasted salted peanuts left from Christmas, the reason being they were excessively salty, too salty to eat.  I did try rinsing a few off, but they didn't taste very nice.  Didn't want to throw them out, though, so decided to make a nut roast - husband won't eat it but I love them.  I rinsed all the peanuts then dried them off on kitchen paper.  I didn't follow a recipe, just winged it - chopped up the nuts, some carrots, couple of leeks and 2 thick end slices of homemade wholemeal bread in my processor, then put it all in a bowl.  Mixed in some grated strong Cheddar, mixed herbs, big squidge of tomato puree, couple of beaten eggs and some melted butter.  It filled 2 loaf tins:-

And after cooking:-

I've sliced and frozen most of it, I'm having it for lunches with a blob of mayo and bit of salad.  It's delicious, even husband quite likes it.

There were some mini Cumberland sausages, also left over from Christmas, in the freezer - I'd used half the pack to make sausage rolls and froze the rest.  So for dinner last night I did a traybake of roasted winter veggies - couple of carrots and parsnips from last week that were going wrinkly, a leek, some mushrooms, a small homegrown butternut squash (only a couple left now) and the sausages.  Made a sauce using bacon stock (from the gammon we had at Christmas), bit of milk, a leek and grated Cheddar to serve with it.

The Council assessor finally turned up at mum's yesterday, having failed to appear for the appointment on Wednesday.  The things mum needs most - a downstairs loo and a stair lift - she can't have.....not enough room, problematical installation or siting given as the reasons, although I suspect cost comes into it too, as her local Council are broke.  There could be a solution to the loo problem, which was suggested, but the assessor said no - they have a strict set of guidelines to adhere to and won't consider any other option.  The woman suggested mum stay upstairs for longer periods until she doesn't feel the need to keep going to the loo....really?!  To be honest, she's upstairs most of the time anyway, but they're more or less confining her to her bedroom. They have agreed to supply another zimmer frame, raised toilet seat and a better shower chair.  The woman said it would probably be better if mum moved to a ground floor flat or bungalow - mum won't hear of it though as she wants to stay close to my sister - understandably, as sis is her main carer and there are no suitable properties for mum nearby.

As for the colonoscopy - still no appointment available.  She is on the urgent 2-week waiting list, they just have no appointments!  They said they will ring with an update before the end of the put her on the next rolling 2-week waiting list, presumably.  I know they're extremely busy and lacking in funds/staff etc, and I do think our NHS are wonderful.  But how is mum supposed to be treated if she can't get an appointment for tests to find out what's wrong with her?

It's like we're banging our heads against a brick wall all the time.  The stress, worry and lack of sleep is doing me in, so goodness knows what it's doing to mum.


  1. How frustrating and annoying for you all. As you said - banging your head! I suspect that you are right and it's as much about cost as about need, maybe more so. A sad sign of our times.

    The nut roast looks amazing - I don't think I've ever made anything like that and I'm filled with admiration. I think I'd have washed and droed the nuts and then ground them down to make a nut butter, but your solution is much better.

  2. We've had the same problem here. The council lady said we couldn't have a stair lift as the door wouldn't open fully and it was dangerous, I asked for some on the stairs to the top of the house and she said they were not a priority. They fitted a handrail ( absolutely no good to Tom when he can't breath gettin up the stairs.)
    We got a private stairlift company in and they fitted stair lifts on both sets of stairs. As you say, I think its the money.
    Do it your self it seems, there really isn't much help out ther for disable people.
    Hope things speed up for you all. Try not to get too stressed.
    I have given myself a good talking to and am on track again now, lol

  3. Your baking looks very interesting. Is it not possible to move your Mum to a care home?
    Hazel c uk

  4. Your poor mum, she and you are having a hard time of it. When my Mum was ill at least she was in a bungalow and had had the forethought to have her bath removed and a large walk in shower fitted before she got too old to do it. We're thinking of doing the same as husband is 73 now. I had an afternoon of getting rid of leftovers yesterday. Made flaky pastry and made 3 pies with left over chicken in a leek and stilton sauce. I have a lot of left over cheese. Put some out for the birds and they loved it.

  5. Just thought I would mention that the Council guidelines that they have to adhere to when it comes to any proposed adaptations can be seen on the internet if you look under Home Adaptation's policy for your Council as each authority differs but they all have a policy. A stair lift company will often fit one if it is a private paying customer where the Council will not as they don't have to abide by a policy or risk assessment. The Council's assessment can often be challenged if you feel they are not following their own guidelines so worth reading.
    A downstairs toilet now has to be in keeping with the current building regs which I think say that the doorway should be wide enough for a wheelchair and the space large enough to manouver a wheel chair even if the resident is not wheelchair bound. So the Council would not be able to instal one if it wasn't compliant with current regs - you can find these too on the internet to check yourself. It must be so frustrating for you but it sounds like it is reasonableness rather than need that has not allowed any major adaptations and of course this is partly to do with cost (hence the reasonable test) but they also have to bear in mind safety in tight spaces - they do not want to be held responsible in a negligence claim either if your mum hurt herself using adaptations.
    My friend's mum was upstairs bound for the same reasons and had carers sent in three times a day to cook her meals and take them up to her - not ideal either of course. Luckily my MIL had a huge hallway and wide stairs perfect for a stair lift but it only helped for a while anyway and eventually there was no option but for her to go into a care home. However, when she got there it did give her a new lease of life for a while and she was well for the first time in ages and enjoyed the fact that it was all on the flat and took little effort to have a bath and walk about etc as they had all the right equipment for helping. Sorry this turning out to be a bit of an essay but I do sympathise with you and understand how disappointed you must be with the assessment - hope the assessor apologised for her delay though. Surprised they didn't suggest a commode downstairs for a while - they did this for my MIL when she had the urine infections and before the stair lift was installed - though it would mean your sister emptying it unless she has carers going in - not an enjoyable job! Take care.

  6. Good Lord Sooze, your Mum is really going through the mill, and so are you. The nut roast sounds like my kind of meal and I am sure there is a bag of peanuts tucked away in the pantry. If not there will be next shopping day.

  7. You are so ingenious. I love the ideas you come up with...the nut roast ...I have never heard of such a thing..but it surely sound good to me. I would come over and eat anytime , knowing whatever you made sounds good. :)
    Good to hear the person came , not so good news, but now you have answers and can move on from there.
    Plan B as they say...whatever you all come up with next.
    Hugs , and rest when you can...I know, it cannot be easy at all.


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