Thursday, 17 January 2019


Two things this week that just make me feel like screaming....

Mum and sis were told by the GP on Monday that mum needs further bowel investigations....a camera up the bum, in other words.  Sis rang to make the appointment....only to be told they have no appointments available!  She was told they will ring her back, when one becomes available.  

And the person from the Council who was coming to assess mum's needs for possible aids.....Didn't.  Turn.  Up.  

Words fail me.


  1. You could scream, couldn't you? I suppose thatr means your poor sister will have to phone every flippin' day until they find a space.
    As for the council assessor - that's really bad.

  2. Not being able to make an appointment and ringing to apologise beforehand is one thing - just not coming is beyond belief. With mobile phones these days it is so easy for someone to ring and tell you they can't make it but just not turning up seems to be the norm now and there is no excuse it is just bad manners.
    I would definitely put in a complaint - even if SS are overstretched or had to deal with an emergency a phone call takes two minutes and doesn't even have to be made by the person themselves any secretary at the office could have rung your mum or sister to tell them.
    As for the bowel investigation - perhaps under the circumstances the GP could have your mum put on urgent and then she might get to the top of the list quicker. Your GP might not be aware of the long wait when he referred your mum.
    I sympathise with you as it is all so frustrating and for me reading all this and having been through similar with my grandad, gran, dad and MIL over the years I can honestly say nothing has changed in the system it is just as I remember it all - very badly organised!! Good luck.

  3. So annoying Sooze. I hope things get sorted sooner rather than later so that your Mum feels that at least something is being done to help her.


    and in case you want to join in...3 ..2..1... AARRGGHH!

  5. Spitting feathers is how I think of such frustration!

  6. Don't mention doctors Sue, they naff me off I wanted to see one and was told I would have to wait a month, how crazy is that, so we are in the process of changing doctors now even if it means we have to drive a bit further to get there. And people not turning up that is so rude. x


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