Monday 27 May 2019


No sign of a coming home date for Mum yet, she's confined to bed in the hospital.  Sis said she seemed a little better yesterday, although is still very confused.  The nursing staff keep coming to ask her questions like 'what day is it today?', to check on her mental state, presumably.  I must be confused as well then, as I often have to stop and think or check on the calendar or my phone!  She's in an assessment ward at the moment, will be another day or two before they decide where she's going next.  The doctors have said she really needs a catheter fitted, but she is flatly refusing to have one so far.  In her own words, she 'doesn't want them messing about with her down there'.  Can't say I blame her, her body her choice.  Although it would make life a lot easier for both her and the nursing staff, as her UTI is making her want to have a wee very frequently (as it is with my husband too!) and she has to buzz for a bedpan all the time.

It's our 36th wedding anniversary today, still amazes me that so many years have gone by.  Bit of a dull start weather wise, but it seems to be brightening up.  There are 2 areas in the house that are irritating me, a shelf in the lounge and windowsill in the bathroom, they're both very cluttered and messy looking.  So this morning we're going to clear and sort them both, that'll please me on our anniversary (I'm easily pleased!) and will be a start on our decluttering journey.  Then we're going to take a picnic lunch and go out to Porlock Weir, a pretty little harbour village, taking Betty of course, dependent on the weather.  We can always eat in the car if there are the threatened spots of rain - the car park overlooks the sea.

Ooh, more blue sky is appearing and a hint of early sun, so we might be alright after all.

Thank you all once again for your lovely kind comments.  Annabeth, you asked if it would be possible for mum to have a stairlift fitted.  Sadly not, we did investigate that some months ago, someone visited her to assess her house and it was decided that no she couldn't have one, because of the position of her stairs - right beside her front door so the stairlift would block the door, and upstairs it would block my brother's bedroom.  


  1. Happy Anniversary, Sooze. Enjoy your trip out. It sounds lovely. X

  2. Happy Anniversary, we celebrated 38 years recently. Questions and correct answers from patients, indicate whether the uti is going away. More that than general mental decline. My MiL got extremely weird and confused, devils under the bed, children sitting on the curtain rails etc.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both (and happy decluttering, wish that particular urge would find me too!!)

    Enjoy your outing to Porlock Weir and fingers crossed the weather will be kind to you.

    Thanks for explaining about the stairlift situation, I understand now. Hope the antibiotics will kick in soon and make your Mum feel better.

  4. Happy anniversary, enjoy Porlock Weir, it's years since I have been there, I love the natural beauty.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both, have a grand day out, we have sunshine and blue sky too.

  6. Oh your plans on Anniversary day sound ideal to me.
    Happy Anniversary and life!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Happy anniversary. Have a lovely day

  9. A very happy anniversary to you both. I hope it's been a really lovely day. xx


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