Monday 6 May 2019

Line of duty!!

*SPOILERS*  Don't read if you haven't yet seen the last episode!

Well, who watches it then?  Wasn't it gripping last night?  And so frustrating as well - yet more unanswered questions!  But then they need to keep things back for the next series, don't they?  Lol.

I never thought Hastings was 'H' - but then he still could be the 4th member after all, there are so many twists and turns, we'll just have to wait and see.  I knew there was something off about that lawyer woman Gill, she was just too smarmy and all over him like a rash, highly suspicious.  

So, the things I want to know:-

What was on Hastings' laptop that he didn't want anyone else to find?  I don't believe it was just porn, that's just too commonplace nowadays.  Unless it was extreme stuff or paedophilia, which I don't believe anyway.

Exactly why did he go and see the OCG bloke in prison, and what did he say to him?  

How are all these people supposedly in custody or police protection or whatever, allowed to be stabbed or shot or able to hide phones etc?  Are they never searched?!

How were AC12 allowed to go and carry out another mission, on Hastings' orders, when they'd been kicked off the case?  Surely he can't have been the only one who was told, news must have filtered through to the other team members too.

I reckon Hastings is John Corbett's father, although he didn't actually know he was until that nasty DCS Carmichael (didn't she play a brilliant part, what excellent acting) told him who Corbett's real mother was.  I think Hastings was having an affair with Corbett's mother for a lot longer than was first thought, he knew she'd had a kid but didn't necessarily know it was his, although he must have suspected.  The fact that she kept the kid away from him when he visited shows that she didn't tell him the kid was his.  The absolute shock on his face when he was told the true identity of Corbett was genuine, I'm sure.  The realisation that he'd given the order for Arnott (he's a bit of alright!) to shoot his own son must have devastated him, as did the knowledge that his son had been brutally killed.  Hence why Hastings was shown at the end about to give £50k to Corbett's wife for the guilt and the grandchildren he never knew he had.

And as for that really nasty evil little OCG gang member who slit Corbett's throat and has just joined the Police.....really?  They couldn't find out any incriminating evidence at all in their pre-employment checks?  The Police, of all people?  I mean, it's not like he was applying for a job in W H Smiths was it?!

I guess there's a bit of poetic licence in everything, though, for the sake of the storyline and future programmes.

Here ends the review, hehe.


  1. I'd never watched Line of Duty until this series so didn't know any of the back story but it was still a good watch.
    I agree with all your questions but I guess by the time they make series 6 which might be the last we will have forgotten what our questions were!

  2. It has completely passed me by!

  3. I thought it strange how no matter what terrible crimes you have committed, if you co-operate you get let off and have protection!! Can anyone explain the caddy' s Morse code finger message as how it meant there were 4 people involved?? Please enlighten me. Also I never believed it was Hastings - too many things pointed to him to be true.


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