Thursday, 16 May 2019

MOT update

The car failed, initially....on emissions.  However, the garage said taking it out for a 20 min run at a brisk speed (within the speed limit, of course!) should bring the emissions down, and luckily it did, so they passed it.  They gave it several advisories though - it needs a couple of new tyres, the tracking is out and the back brakes need seeing to, so more money needs to be spent.  The sooner we can get rid of this bloody money pit of a car, the better.  I think in all the 37 or 38 years we've been together, we've only had one previous car that has cost more than this one to repair and maintain.  I don't envy the next person who takes this evil expensive car on.....but as we'll hopefully be doing a part exchange with a garage, that'll be their problem.

The builders this morning were drilling and banging almost continually, as I was marooned here whilst husband was out getting the car done I was practically tearing my hair out, the noise was unbelievable, worse than ever.  So much for the landlord blithely telling husband yesterday that it should be quiet from now on - I'd love to have him here and staple his ear to the party wall and see how he gets on with the racket!

I just feel wrung out - I feel like taking Pam's cwtchy Welsh blanket and running away.

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