Monday, 20 May 2019

Early morning sick and noise, huh

8.07 this morning the workmen started drilling next door....we keep being told there should be no more noise now, yet it still keeps on.  Just as well we're going out soon and will be out most of the morning.

Betty's going to the groomers at 9.30, then we're off to the library in the village.  After that it's into town, we have a few things to do there, we tend to wait until there's a bunch of things.  On the way home we have to stop off at the surgery to pick up a prescription for husband.  Oh, and pick up Betty!

She was sick early this morning, luckily on the kitchen floor so it was easy to clean up.  She's fine, just something disgusting she scavenged on her walk in the fields last night I expect.  She's been sitting in front of me looking at me with pleading eyes for a bit of my toast (she's not getting any though), so she's clearly over it.  When she's sick I starve her for a few hours, then give her a little bit of cooked plain rice and chicken with a little parsley and ginger in it to settle her stomach - I keep 3 or 4 tubs of it in the freezer for that purpose.

The builders 'graced' us with their presence on Saturday - they don't usually work weekends, I'm hoping it's a last push to get the work done soon.  The new tenants turned up yesterday (they come for a look most Sundays) and brought a few small bits of furniture with them, so it does look like the works will be over soon.  The tenants did say they'd be moving in early July, but perhaps it's being brought forward.

We had a lovely couple of hours yesterday afternoon, sitting chatting in our friends' garden, they have a really beautiful garden and it was a nice warm afternoon.


  1. It will be such a releif when it is finally all done and sorted, won't it?
    Poor Betty (and you). I hope she's over it now.

  2. Glad you had a bit of calm in your friend's garden. We all can use that as much as we can get it.


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