Thursday 30 May 2019

Perhaps i need hypnotising.....

Thank you for comments.  Briony, I don't have too much of a problem falling asleep initially, it's staying asleep I can't do.  I can sleep for the first 2 or 3 hours and then that's it, it's constant waking up every half hour or so after that, or lying awake for an hour or more, or not going back to sleep at all.  And I am always up early, around 4 or 4.30 am.  Joy, the sleep course is for 8 weeks I think, the first week consists merely of keeping a sleep diary every day so they can see what my particular problem areas are and personalise the programme for me.  I'm waiting to hear from the clinic now as to when I can start.

Viv, Mum has a commode chair, we got her one the last time brother and I went up to visit, she'd only just started using it a few days before she went into hospital, she flatly refused before.  Seeing as the Council won't put a toilet/basin into her downstairs pantry cupboard, now sister's cleared it out and painted it, the idea is to have her commode and a wash stand with bowl in it for Mum.  It's big enough for that, even if not for her (non-existent) wheelchair, which is the reason why the Council said they won't do the conversion.  She does have and use a wheelchair outdoors, not indoors though, the doorways aren't wide enough.  She manages ok, just about, with her walking frames - she has 2 or 3 of them.

Husband saw his GP again this morning, who tested his wee and confirmed there's blood in it now, there wasn't last week.  There are also white blood cells aplenty, indicating the infection is still going strong.  He's been given different, stronger antibiotics.  The GP also checked his prostate gland and said it's quite enlarged.  This doesn't automatically mean he has cancer, it may not be cancerous at all, but it could be the reason why he's getting the UTIs.  Once the UTI is cleared up, he's to have further tests on his prostate - they can't do it now as apparently the infection and/or the antibiotics may mask the prostate test results.  So another thing to add to the worry list.  Oh well, life is never boring....sometimes I wish it was!

To change the subject completely.....does anyone else have trouble finding comfortable bras?  I think there's nothing worse than an uncomfortable bra - except perhaps uncomfortable shoes.  I'm a well-endowed woman and have to have underwired bras with plenty of support, I hate trying them on in changing rooms, which are often too small and too hot.  In any case, you don't really know how well a bra is going to fit and be comfortable until you've worn it a while.  I got a couple of new ones by mail order, I'm wearing one today and it's got such push-up powers my boobs feel like they're hoisted up under my chin 😳 .  If only we could buy bras on a week's trial!


  1. I hope your husband gets his problem sorted soon and also you start the sleep program soon. I hate bras. I've always wished I was flat so I wouldn't need to wear one. I now just wear the stretchy pull on ones unless I'm dressed up and going somewhere special.

  2. Bras, yes, I too have both problems...well endowed and finding a comfortable bra , let us know if anyone knows of a good one.
    The one I have on I have worn for ages and now is holy and not in a good way. Some are like wearing a rubberband that cuts off blood flow to the brain. :)

  3. You can have a bra measure at Marks and Spenser for free in there store, I have it quite regularly.
    Hazel c uk

  4. I haven't commented much lately, but I have been following all the trials you have been going through. I didn't have anything different to say to what other commenters said, but have sympathised to what you are enduring at the moment with the noise from next door and the worry of your husband and mother. The elderly (particularly parents) and the youngsters are always a constant worry. It doesn't change even when they/we age.

    Going onto your change of subject, I haven't worn a bra in years. When I was younger I always wanted a bigger bust than the 'gentle swell' I was endowed. I always found bras uncomfortable and felt that I was wearing a straight-jacket and couldn't breathe, but always wore a bra when I couldn't get away without one. Now I am grateful that I don't 'need' a bra as I find it difficult to put one on and I feel a lot more comfortable and free, lol.

  5. I buy M&S wireless bras. I can't stand wiring, I find it so uncomfortable, and the ones I get do seem very supportive.
    Eight weeks is quite a long time so it gives whatever the course consists of a good chance to impact. Not so good is the news about him outside and I'm hoping very hard that it isn't anything cancerous.

  6. That is such a good idea to have a 'commode room' - my MIL had to have hers positioned in her large hallway - it did the job though for a while so she could stay downstairs in the day and just sleep upstairs at night. At least my mum is in a flat with all amenities on the one level. There is a lift to her floor (2nd floor) and she has those call cords to alert the apartments manager if she needs any emergency assistance - though she would probably just call my sister!
    My problem with bras is the lacy bits can often be a bit itchy so I tend to stick with those boring T-shirt seamless ones from M&S. I should really use my stretchy sports style non-underwired ones more often as I hear underwired ones are not too good healthwise for wearing constantly.
    Fingers crossed for your husband - my dad had an enlarged prostrate and had a small routine op - it wasn't cancer just enlarged. He was fine afterwards.


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