Tuesday, 7 May 2019

A nice weekend

Thanks for comments re Line of Duty....Alison, I didn't understand the Morse code explanation either, glad it wasn't just me.  Apparently, although there is going to be another series, the writer of Line of Duty hasn't even started writing it yet, so we'll have a bit of a wait by the looks of things.

We've had a lovely, restful but more importantly, peaceful weekend.  The builders are back now though, using a power drill already and making the walls (and my head) vibrate.  Sigh.  A reader asked if the inside work would be quieter.....erm, no - it's a pair of semi detached houses, so next door is the other half of our house and the party walls are quite thin.  We met the new neighbours at the weekend, they'd come to see how the work was doing - they seem nice, apparently they're moving in at the beginning of July, not June, as there's still a lot of work to be done in the house.  Oh well.  I'll either be immune to the noise or completely off my trolley by then.

A mixture of sunshine and showers forecast all week, not particularly warm and quite breezy, but apparently due to warm up and be quite summery next week.  That'll be nice.

Husband is out all morning, so I'm going to put my music on (loud!) and do some card crafting.  Easy meal prep today - ham salad for lunch, bubble and squeak with a fried egg and baked beans for dinner.


  1. Just count down the days until they are gone, that's what we did with the builders next door to us, why do builders need to have a radio so loud.

  2. My sympathgies. Matt is currently destroying my bathroom but, thankfully, he doesn't have a radio blasting out as well.

  3. You have my sympathy. My ex next-door neighbours were forever knocking down walls and remodelling. One wet weekend I was going mad with the noise, so I went out for a really long walk (it was either that or kill them!). They passed me at the end of the street in their car, going out and when I got back home they pulled up exactly as I went through my front door. My husband said they had been out the entire time. Of course for the rest of the day it was bang, bang, bang as usual!

  4. DD has just bought the Line of Duty box set for us to watch so I hope it's as good as everyone says it is.

    So glad your weekend was peaceful and restful. I'm just hoping our new neighbours are happy with the house as it is and don't start doing any knocking about. Much as I loved my old neighbour she did used to drive us a bit mad with all the knocking about she did over the last few years.


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