Friday, 17 May 2019

We're not moving

Thank you for all the comments.  Everyone seems to have latched onto one thing.....that it might be time for us to consider moving.

I have to say, right from the off - moving house is not an option, certainly not in the near future.  We don't want to move.  Our rent and Council tax are low, due to the house having an agricultural connection and being in a very rural area with no facilities nearby - what we pay here for a 3 bedroom house and medium size garden with lovely views is what we'd pay for a 1 bedroom flat with no garden in town.  And we're not ready for a flat with no garden.  Nor do we want just 1 bedroom - we need at least 1, preferably 2 spare rooms for family and friends coming to stay.  We know the limitations of living here, and the likelihood that we may have to move at some point in the future - but not yet.

The way we feel is more to do with all the problems we've had for the past year or so - husband's health (and mine to a lesser extent), the ongoing expensive problems with our bloody car and the financial strain that has put us under, my mother's deteriorating health and us not living near enough to visit regularly and help out.  There are also another couple of things that I don't talk about on here, but which cause us a lot of problems.  And then there's all the building works going on next door with the incessant noise, which has dragged on for weeks and weeks, that has really ground us down (me in particular).   

I think once the next door stuff is over and done with, things will improve - well, I hope so.  Right now, a little voice in the back of my head is saying 'yeah, until the next thing comes along to break us'.  

None of our problems is insurmountable - well, other than husband's health, he's not suddenly going to get better, nor is my mother.  My mother's situation will come to an inevitable conclusion, probably sooner rather than later, we've all accepted that her time is limited.  It's just been one thing after another for us, with barely a breath in between, and it's worn us down and made life a struggle.  But I don't suppose it will go on forever.


  1. Moving house is stressful enough if you are well so good you want to stay put. Health problems are very draining and makes it hard to deal with anything else.

  2. They say moving house is one of the most stressful experiences of life so I'm rather glad you aren't considering it just yet. Thyere will be an end to all the banging and clattering, it's just not close enough to help much yet. Life has been very tough for you both in recent months (and before then too) and, personally, I think you've coped remarkably well, I really do.


  3. It isn't really surprising that you're on tenterhooks and worn down, health problems just occupy one's mind and soul completely and it's doubly difficult when you know that a dearly beloved is fading.
    One positive fact to cling onto is the building noise is temporary and will stop.
    Best wishes that this weekend will be a relaxing one for you both.

  4. You know what is right for you, I never thought that I would move away from a rural location and a huge garden. Then suddenly the time was right and I acted. I have no real regrets, I have built a fantastic new life here. I do sometimes hanker for a bigger garden but then I look at my crafting and know that I do not want to make the time. Everything passes and who knows, once the noise is done with other things may well pick up. PS If you need a new neighbour, give me a shout.

  5. I hope you have had decent enough weather to sit outdoors and relax. Everything looks so much better when you have slept well and taken time out to do something that you enjoy doing. x


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