Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Bloody noise!!

Husband is out for a couple of hours this morning, so in theory I would have a peaceful time.  However, as THREE workmen's vans plus another man in a car (there was only 1 guy yesterday) have arrived, and power tools are already being used, along with the ghetto blaster and the men shouting to each other to be heard over the noise of their power tools and radio, there's not going to be any peace!  I'm so sick of this, it's been going on for more than a month now.  I do try to ignore it, but it's impossible, the noise just grates on my nerves so much.  It's like mental torture.

Husband has just said (without any prompting from me) that he's cancelling his plans and will take me out somewhere, to get away from it.  Bless him, he understands.


  1. I feel your pain, there has been some sort of "power tool" noise close to us for the past few weeks. It is no where near as loud as your lot but it is insidious, it slowly seems to grow until I realise that it is all that I can hear. Then when it stops my head is buzzing for another hour or so. I hope you enjoy your trip out, wherever you end up..

  2. Yes, bless him. Though , he doesn't want a crazy wife either! ;)

  3. What a lovely chap, good for him. I'm sure you will go somewhere nice and I hope it helps.
    Matt is now putting stuff in. It's still noisy but somehow constructive noise is nowhere near as bad as destructive noise. And it will finish next Monday!

  4. Oh that was nice of him Sooze.

    Not on the scale you are coping with but I think our new neighbours are going to turn out to be a pain. It took the girl about three hours to clean her car right under my sewing room window while she was gassing on her phone and then somebody turned up to mow their lawn at 8pm just as we were settling down for the evening. It nearly drove me bonkers so I don't know how you are coping.


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