Friday 29 May 2020

Hot and drippy

I know I shouldn't complain, but I really don't like this heat, makes me feel listless and headachey.  I take after my Mum, she couldn't take hot weather either.  We lived in Gibraltar for a couple of years when I was a child (Dad was in the RAF and was stationed there), I remember the very first time we spent the day on the beach, Mum got sunstroke and had to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

After my week or so of feeling generally unwell, I do feel better's just that the heat is draining me.  I try to get jobs done in the mornings, as I'm fit for nothing come the afternoon when it's hottest.  The dog and I lie down in a darkened room (she can't take the heat either), whilst husband is out in the garden working or stretched out dozing on his sun lounger.  He's as brown as a nut, whilst I'm still pale (and not even interesting!), apart from the odd pink bit where I've caught the sun whilst putting washing on the line or doing a bit of deadheading.  Oh, and then there's the heat rash all over my feet and ankles....very attractive 😒 (and itchy).

We're forecast to have the hot weather for at least the next week - am I the only one who thinks 'oh no'?  And the garden desperately needs some rain....we do water every day, but the plants do so much better with rain rather than tap water.

So Boris has now said we can have up to 6 people in our gardens from Monday, which will be nice.  Socially distanced still - no hugging, sadly.  Oh I can't wait to be able to hug people.  I'd love to be able to go and see my sister and 2 brothers, but we can't as yet - it's just too far to drive there and back in a day (as overnight stays aren't allowed yet).  Even if we could, it's just not doable anyway seeing as we wouldn't be allowed inside to go to the loo!  I know we're able to drive further now for exercise, picnics and even some shop visits, but the fact that public loos aren't open makes it impractical.  And the virus is still out there, it's not gone away yet, so I'm still very wary of going anywhere where it might be busy.


  1. Yes........I don't understand. We can visit in personal gardens but we cannot drink much because what goes in has to come out........ I'm desperate to see my grandchildren but cannot because I would have to spend the day without a drink and I do like a cuppa when I arrive after a long journey.
    Has not been thought out at all!
    I live in a seaside town, we also have one of those large holiday camps too which isn't open but when it does I dread to think what will happen. Our public loos are not open and quite honestly you only use those in a dyer emergency!

    Julie xxxxx

  2. I'm fussy about the heat - got to be between 20-23ish for me, otherwise I'm too cold or hot! Our children live too far to visit in one day, especially if I can't go to the loo when I get there, so no family visits for us yet. I'm just going to have to see my new grandchild, due in a week or so, via 'tinterweb. I live about a mile from a beach, but won't be going, it's been packed. The toilets are closed and I dread to think where they're all going to the loo! Yuk!!! Some people seem to think it's all over, but it's not by a long chalk. Here in the North West, the death rate is going up. So we and our neighbours will still be clapping for carers every Thursday. While there are still people dying, the carers still need our support and appreciation. xx

  3. I thought the science bloke said it was OK to go in to use a toilet as long as you washed hands very well and wiped down taps and door handles etc with a sanitiser. I heard the Scots aren't allowed in.
    It's not been really hot here as the wind is "moderate and breezy" from the East so even a bit chilly in the shade.

    1. Yes, Sue, you can go to the loo and straight out again after sanitising :)

  4. We do meet up once a week now with our walking buddy. First time just for coffee last time lunch. We choose a local green area, arrive separately and set up chairs 2-3 metres apart. Others aren’t sitting apart, such as groups of mums and children.

  5. I'm rather enjoying the warm weather. Since I lost all the weight, it's no longer sweaty and horrible and I can move about mush more easily. It wasn't a benefit I had particularly thought of but very much appreciated.
    Personally, I won't be worrying about loo facilities although I will be checking before hand if the owner minds and if they do I won't go. My poor, ageing bladder ain't wot it used to be.

  6. I think you can go indoors to use the toilet, as long as you are super clean afterwards. Taking a shower would help, ha ha. No, handwashing is fine.

    I wanted to pee when I was in the town centre the other day. It doesn't normally happen because I go before I leave home, and I am in and out quickly. But, I had a mug of coffee before I went. Oh dear. No toilets open, but when one has to go one has to go. The Arts Centre Church is surrounded by bushes, so that's where I went. Squat down so no one could see my bum.

  7. We drove to Portland Bill for an hour yesterday but first checked the toilets were open. The car park was quite empty so we got out and walked, not many people around at all. Hands well washed!! It was a sad sight to see five cruise ships just anchored off Weymouth, we definitely avoided the beach there. Poor gardens are just so dry. You do have an English Rose completion so not surprised too much sun does not agree with you. It would be great to have rain at night and slightly cooler days.

  8. It is a bit hot for me too, Sooze, for the most part. I do tan easily, but if it’s really hot, I can’t stick it. And my poor garden would love some rain! The hose is just not the same, is it?

  9. Hi hun, It's too hot for me at the moment. Hubbie is very dark brown - me a very light browny pink! We could do with some rain here as well. We turned our small back garden into a mini allotment when we couldn't travel to our allotment. Both large water butts are empty and we have been using the hosepipe.We are on a meter so I dread to think what our next bill is going to be!On the upside we dug up and had some new potatoes today so it made it all worthwhile! We are visiting our girlies in one of their gardens on Friday 2m apart. I haven't seen them since March and can't wait even though we can't hug I am soooo excited.*hugs* Goldensunflower x


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