Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Odd jobs

It's been a morning of doing some little odd jobs that I've been meaning to get round to for ages - you know, the sort of thing you think you should do, but put off because you can't really be bothered.  And then eventually you have to, as it's in danger of becoming a big job if you don't do it RIGHT NOW.

First of all, I deleted a ton of emails, both received and sent....there were 100s, in the end I was sorely tempted to just delete the lot, but there were some I really needed to keep so I couldn't do that.  Then I had to have a break from the computer to have a coffee and gaze into space as my eyes and brain felt glazed over.  I need to do a similar thing with my phone as well - so many photos, texts and WhatsApp messages are clogging it up....might leave that till tomorrow, I can only cope with so much techie stuff in one day, haha.

Then I went through my spice cupboard....found several spice and herb pots/packets that were months, if not years, out of date and smelt of nothing, clearly no use anymore so chucked them out.

Sat down to do a bit of darning.  Now, sewing is not my forte, never has been.....years ago my soon-to-be husband jokingly asked me if I would be the sort of wife who darned his socks - Nope, I said, I don't do darning and if that's what you want you're marrying the wrong girl.  He married me anyway 😉….oh and he darns his own socks!  His choice, I've always told him to chuck them and buy some new ones, it's not as if socks cost a fortune.  My mother thought I was terrible, she always darned socks....probably why it put me off, watching her do it so often.  Anyway, it wasn't socks this morning (never darned a pair in my life), it was a pair of my jeggings which have developed a couple of small holes.  I wouldn't normally be worried about holes in jeggings.....I have lots of pairs, some of which I only wear at home, others (smarter ones) I wear when going out somewhere.  These ones are a pair of smarter ones and are fine other than the little holes, so thought I'd darn them to make them last a bit longer before becoming 'home' ones.

Well, I remember now why I don't like sewing and do as little as possible.  Threading the needle was a pain in itself, my eyesight has deteriorated so much I could barely see the hole.  The cotton when sewing kept twisting and knotting, frustrating the hell out of me.  I accidentally caught a bit of the other trouser leg whilst sewing the hole in the first leg, and didn't realise until I'd sewed a bit more, so had to unpick it 😆.  And I pricked my finger and thumb umpteen I know why Mum always used a darning mushroom.  I think that's my darning career over 😂.


  1. I don't think I've ever darned socks (my mum used to - it's a generational thing, I guess) and I don't intend to start now!
    Well done for tackling the other mending though.

  2. I have about 5 darning mushrooms acquired from parents/grandparents, but I've only used one once. I'm not the best or neatest darner. I've got a few little sewing jobs that need doing, but, like you, can't be bothered! I do keep thinking of the proverb "A stitch in time..." though, and that makes me feel guilty. xx

  3. Snooze you are the same age as my daughter and I don't think she would do darning now. I use to love doing it, We did it at school and at Guides.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

    1. Hazel, it's Sooze not Snooze....although I could do with a snooze right now lol x

    2. I am sorry I got your name wrong it was a mistake.
      Hazel c uk

    3. No worries Hazel, you're not the only one.

  4. I’ve darned a couple of times, but it was on my son’s royal blue school sweatshirts when he was in reception class. He’s 21 on Monday, haha!

  5. I LOVE darning - even though it looks rubbish - it's so satisfactory - filling up a hole - like magic.
    It was Col's thick socks mainly so don't have much to do any more

  6. I do try to go through my emails on a daily basis, otherwise I leave it and have hundreds to plough through. I don't darn anything, all our socks are handknitted so if the toes or heel gets a hole I rip it out and reknit, not always with the same colour wool. I do have a darning mushroonm, its very pretty and is a decoration in the sewing room.

  7. I love all crafts, when my husband too asked me to darn his socks, I threw them away and got him some new!now I knit socks for him.
    Enjoy your beach walk, I have everything crossed you are able to get on the beach, it's a lovely spot to walk.

  8. I will darn hand made things but anything that was commercially made with synthetic materials will get binned. You are right to decline. xx

  9. Hi hun, You did make me laugh! x I like sewing - yesterday I cut down two of hubs jogging bottoms and made them into shorts!. I am not great at it but I will have a try with my trusty sewing machine! I bought one of those mushroom darners but hubs refuses saying that socks are cheap to buy!My next thing is to have a go at knitting socks - I have the wool and the needles just can't find the enthusiasm to start them (note - I am a beginner knitter!! LOL. *hugs* Goldensunflowerx


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