Friday, 22 May 2020

Some good, some not so

Well, after psyching myself up and watching the instruction video on Youtube my friend sent me the link to, several times, I changed the battery in my laptop.  Had a few minor problems, but it was actually fairly straightforward and didn't take long.'s not cured the problem.  So maybe it wasn't the battery after all.  Bugger.

I'm lost, I have no idea what's wrong with it (the battery still won't charge, the laptop overheats and the fan is in overdrive all the time).  Friend suggested it could be the charger - well I guess that's logical, seeing as the battery won't charge, but would that make the laptop overheat?

I can only use it for short periods of time as my friend suggested it could catch fire ๐Ÿ˜ฎ, so am paranoid about it now.  The computer repair shop is currently closed, so until I can take it somewhere to be looked at, there's nothing much I can do.  I do have my phone and a cheap Amazon Fire tablet I can use for internet stuff, but they're both a bit limited.  Never mind, it's better than nothing.

We've been eating out of the freezer this week, the big upright freezer needs defrosting - mistake on my part last weekend, I hadn't pushed one of the drawers in far enough, and it prevented the freezer door from closing properly, so got all iced up....luckily not too bad, I discovered it just a few hours later.  As luck would have it, the freezer is pretty well as meat and veg, there are lots of ready meals I'd made and frozen.  So all week we've had something out of the freezer every day - handy, as I've not been feeling too good and it's saved me cooking, I've only had to do some veg to go with the ready meal each day - sometimes frozen veg so no prep needed at all.  I'm really glad I made and froze so many meals, it's been so helpful this week.

I've got a phone consultation with a specialist today, for a new health problem that arose about a month ago, I feel very fortunate that a) I've got the appointment very quickly, and b) that I don't have to go to the hospital to be seen.  Hospital is not a place I particularly want to go under the present circumstances.  No idea how it can be sorted out over the phone, but at least it's a start.

Raining a bit right now, which is good as the garden really needs it, the plants always do better after rain, even though we water the garden every day.  It's forecast to stop very soon though.


  1. Mornin' Sooze. Are you making sure that there is an air flow underneath your laptop. They overheat quite quickly if not. I noticed that the older they get the quicker they heat up too. I tend to use my tired old laptop plugged into the socket most of the time these days. Its getting slower and slower but I'm not buying another just because it's slow. I will wait until it conks out before I consider it.

  2. Possible new fan required - sounds like my daughter's laptop when it had that issue

  3. I know my son’s laptop gets very hot if he doesn’t have it on the table, or a tray. Lucky you having rain! I think we had a tiny bit overnight, but everything is dry now and my water butt is completely empty. I can’t remember the last time we had ‘proper’ rain!

  4. Computers! Fine when they work but when they don't...Grrrr. Hope you can get it sorted. Hope the phone consultation goes well. I'm sure your consultant knows what questions to ask to help make a diagnosis. Hope they can offer some treatment too. I was hoping for rain today, the garden is looking very dry, but it's sunny again. The idiots will be thronging to the beach again! Not me, I'm happy at home. Stay safe. xx

  5. My husband uses a " padded laptop cooling mat " made by Polaroid. It is exactly as its described, a padded mat with a built in fan. It might be worth a google to see if you can get one. I don't remember what we paid but its unlikely to have been extremely expensive. Hope that helps.


  6. Sorry you are having computer troubles, I always phone B.T. when I have problems and they are always helpful and they sort my troubles out, hope you get the same help.

    ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆHazel c uk

  7. Might find help here

  8. Or here re not charging

  9. Hope you manage to sort your laptop. The fan probably needs a good clean.....

    Julie xxxxxxxx


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