Friday 8 May 2020

Harry and's to you x

Thank you all very much for comments.  I am ok, struggling a bit with lockdown but taking each day at a time.  Will be interesting to see what Boris has to say on Sunday about starting to ease lockdown.  We won't be rushing out to any shops though, nor the recycling centre which is apparently reopening on Monday - it'll be heaving, I expect, how they're going to enforce social distancing and cope with the queues of people that will probably be waiting to get in I don't know.  I'd like to go to a garden centre, but if they reopen, no doubt they'll be busy too.  I'm very reluctant to mix with crowds, I'd rather wait until it's all quietened down a bit.

It feels like we ought to do something to celebrate VE day, to honour the memory of my grandfather and husband's father, both of whom fought in the War.  My Granddad fought in Italy and India, father in law was in the SAS, one of the first members.  Although they both had very different experiences (Granddad was an infantryman, FiL a parachutist), the one thing they had in common was that they both refused to talk about their experiences in the War.  I can't begin to imagine how traumatised they must both have been.

There are just 8 houses in our little lane, and because of the way it's laid out and the fact that most have high hedges around them (ours included), we can't actually see each other's front gardens easily....we can only see our immediate neighbours on one side.  So not much point in a street front garden party!  One of the neighbours has bunting out - ironically, she's American, although has lived here for 40 years, married an Englishman and officially became a British citizen some years ago.  She retains her American accent, amazingly, but considers herself an honorary English lady.  Good for her for embracing this country so wholeheartedly.

So I think I'll make some ham and egg n cress sandwiches, and scones for a cream tea, and we'll watch the celebrations on TV and raise a glass to my beloved Granddad Harry, and husband's lovely Dad Albert (Nobby to his friends).


  1. What a lovely way to honour them. We won't be rushing out to the tip or garden centres either. In one of the refuse centres near us there was a 4 hour queue! And one bloke just had cardboard to get rid of. Madness! I dread what will happen if the lockdown eases too quickly. Here in the North West, our hospital admissions have overtaken London, and is only just beginning to plateau. Scary stuff. I think we'll just carry on as we have been for the foreseeable future. Not worth the risk. Stay safe. xx

  2. e won't be rushing out either. We have just a lovely celebration, a virtual tea with family it was so much fun.

  3. A lovely tribute to your Grandad and your husband's Dad. Hope you enjoyed your cream tea. We have a large Union Jack flag flying and bunting up. It's staying up until Sunday. My husband was in the RN for 31 years and our son, whose birthday is on Sunday was born while his Dad's ship was on its way to the Falkland Islands 38 years ago. Have to be a virtual celebration this year.

  4. Lovely you enjoyed your VE tea albeit virtual.. a nice change from the sameness of our every days.

  5. I hung out some bunting on the fence and walked up the road waving a flag and then sat in a neighbours large front garden with another 3 ladies at a distance each of us with our own individual food and drink x

  6. Hi hun, We didn't celebrate in our village. My grandfather died on D-day (mums side) don't know my dads side. Hubby did 22 years in the RAF (falklands and gulf war indirectly) but doesn't like to celebrate. I think it's amazing! especially old Tom who raised so much money for the NHS. *Hugs* Goldensunflowerx


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