Monday, 11 May 2020

Not much is changing

Well, following Boris's address yesterday (which I'm not commenting on, everyone has their own opinions and mine are my own), our lives are not going to change significantly.  Except for one thing - on Wednesday we will drive to the beach with Betty, for the first time since lockdown.  Whether or not we get out of the car remains to be seen.....if it's busy - which it rarely is but who knows now?! - we won't be walking on the beach.  We'll then carry on to the supermarket for shopping - as usual, husband (and Betty) will stay in the car whilst I go in by myself.

If the beach isn't crowded, then we will start going a couple of times a week, but whether we actually get out and walk will be dependent each time on the number of people there.  I have no desire to get too close to people, or to walk amongst crowds.

Lots of people are saying on social media this morning that they don't understand why they're being told they can go to work or go out more to exercise, but they can't meet up with their families and friends.  It seems obvious to me - you don't generally hug and kiss your workmates or strangers in parks, you'd keep your social distance.  But would you stay socially distant from your family/friends?  I think the temptation to grab them for a great big hug after so long apart would be too great.  And therein lies the danger of infection.  Unless each of you wears a Hazmat suit before cuddling!  

It's quite bright here this morning, but very breezy and cold, such a pronounced difference in temperature.  Not a day for going to the beach, even if it was allowed today!  (Wonder why Boris said Wednesday and not from today?  Seems a bit arbitrary).  Bit of housework this morning, then some cardmaking this afternoon, I think.


  1. The message is confusing and I fear that some people will take it that they can socialise again. We'll carry on much as we have done, maybe go out for a walk more often but, like you, if somewhere is crowded, we'll avoid. I'm afraid there will be a second peak as in other countries, and the lockdown will be more strict next time. xx

  2. It will be nice for you to get out to the beach especially if it is a quiet place but I can feel a rush coming on as people will head to the coast here and other places once the weather improves again, especially popular places up here like Whitby which was bad a while ago and I believe the Peak District in Derbyshire too - the villagers there are tiny and they just don't want extra people descending on them all the time. DH and I will continue our lockdown until we see what happens, I am not taking any chances. I am not even sure what Boris was saying last night -it left me more confused than ever - hoping for some clarity today. Stay safe x

    1. Southend seafront was heaving on Saturday and we are in lockdown it can’t get a lot worse . Hospital staff tweeted that they will be very busy in 2 weeks time

  3. I think a quick hug is less risky than the 11 hours per day my husband spends in close proximity to his colleagues, with no protection, working for the NHS. We'll continue to play by the rules, despite the nonsensical situation he's in.

  4. The changes were totally confusing last night, and of course we have to remember that we are in Wales and ours are still very different, more so than before it would seem. After briefly thinking after our announcements on Friday that we are now able to drive a short distance to walk dogs or exercise it was strongly worded last night that this is not the case.

    Flummoxed I am for sure!!

  5. I think that Boris is slep deprived, new baby, and still getting over his brush with the reaper. Obviously his advisers are suffering bfrom cabib fever confusion. whatever they decide upon you have the right idea. I will be carrying on snug in my cocoon till I feel safe to go out and that won't be this Wednesday, or the next. Hope you get that walk on the sand Sooze

  6. Scotland remains in lockdown, so not a lot changes here. Hope you manage to get a walk on the beach.

  7. I think some people asking some questions have a complete lack of common sense! Yes, I agree, some things are a bit ambiguous but some things are obvious.
    I will be making the short drive to Budleigh at some point, but not tomorrow, it will be to busy. To be honest, I just want to drive to the sea, sit in my car with a flask and watch it. To have a lovely isolated walk would be the icing on the cake :)

  8. Hi hun, You mention Southend - my girlies live in Laindon, Basildon but as yet they haven't ventured out to the beach yet. We haven't travelled but have decided to still walk Boo locally. We have encountered people not taking this seriously and infringing on the 2m distance. My hubbie is 70 in a few weeks and I (56)have asthma so for us we will keep on self isolating. Really missing my girlies and grandbabies but they are 1 hour away (we are in suffolk).But we have to think of our health and keep isolating ourselves.Can't wait for this to be over! *hugs* Goldensunflowerx


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