Tuesday 19 May 2020

2 beach walks, and laptop problems

When I was in junior school, many (MANY!) years ago, I vaguely recall our class having some sort of music tests....somebody (I can't remember who, not one of our teachers) came into the music room, played the piano and got us all to sing a few notes, I think.  A week or two later, I was informed by the teacher that I had musical talent and was going to learn how to play the violin, much to my disgust (they didn't ask me if I wanted to - which I didn't - I was just told!).  Well, I absolutely hated it.  I got as far as learning to play (very badly) Twinkle Twinkle Little sounded to me like nails screeching down a blackboard and to this day I hate the sound of violins.  Anyway, the music teacher eventually decided I had no talent after all and gave up on me, giving me a recorder instead (I think all the pupils with no musical talents were given those, or a triangle).  I didn't do any better with the recorder, and stopped playing it (well, attempting to) as soon as I could.  I like singing (not that I have any talent for that either!  I just like to sing), but have never been interested in playing any instrument.  

This is leading up to saying that the little girl next door, I think she's 6 or 7, is now learning to play the recorder.  In the garden.  And it sounds exactly how my efforts did all those years ago!  Fortunately, like most kids, she's got a short attention span and gives up after a while to go and do something else.  Thankfully.  I don't think my nerves could stand hours and hours of it 😂

We've been to the beach again today.  We got there about 10.30, about 8 or 9 cars in the car park, but again hardly anybody in sight on the beach (it is a very big beach).  But once again it was grey and dismal with a freezing cold wind....not what had been forecast.  After walking for about 20 mins we both decided we were cold enough....not that Betty was bothered about the temperature, she was having a whale of a time as usual.  Our intention had been to have a good long walk, eat the picnic I'd taken with us, then go on to Minehead for me to do the dreaded shopping (didn't need much this week).  As it was so cold though, and I knew it was forecast to warm up, we decided to go shopping and come back to the beach afterwards.  So that's what we did, I did the shopping, husband went off to get petrol (for only the 2nd time since before least we're saving money on fuel), then we went back to the beach about an hour later.  

By this time the sun had come out and it had warmed up considerably - it had also brought more people out, but it still wasn't at all crowded.  There were about 4 or 5 families on the beach and a few dog walkers - a lot less people than there were cars (by this time the car park was about a quarter full).  Lots of people go on longer walks on this beach - one way leads to Minehead, the other to Blue Anchor Bay, so most of the car occupants must have done that.  We ate our picnic, Betty included (we always take snacks and water for her) then had another, much warmer, walk.  It was really lovely, the tide was out a very long way and there were clear views across the channel to South Wales.

My laptop needs a new battery, it keeps overheating and is no longer charging, I've ordered one and it'll be here tomorrow, hopefully.  Due to lockdown, I'm going to have to attempt to do it lovely friend normally does any computer stuff for me.  He's assured me that I'll be fine, and has sent me a YouTube instructional video - he has more confidence in me than I do!  My last laptop had very easy access to the battery, it was just a case of opening a flap and taking it out, it wasn't fixed in at all.  This one though is screwed down with 100s of screws, the case then needs to be prised apart, and the battery disconnected from wires - I'm breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about it 😱.  Wish me luck!

Thank you for comments on the last post.  Oh, and GoldenSunflower, I didn't mention Southend, we live on the opposite side of the country!  Think it was one of my readers, possibly Chris?


  1. Sounds like a lovely time was had at the beach. I learned the piano for a while when young. Even passed my Grade 1 exam! Then I gave it up. I can remember my Dad saying it was as if I thought "Done that now, I can cross it off the list!" I wish I'd continued now, but hours of practicing wasn't for me. I'm sure you'll crack the battery thing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. xx

  2. I have faith in your abilities. You are a smart woman , you can do it.
    Sounds a great time at the beach. Had to warm your heart watching Betty! And a good giggle at her.

  3. The beach sounds lovely - both times!

    I sympathise re the recorder - I used to teach recorder at school (although it was never a second best - I was passionate about it) and I'll never forget the discordant din at first. I was very, very strict about proper breath control and tonguing right from the start so that quickly improved the sound quality for those who really wanted to do it. I must have got something right - the exam results were always most satisfying.
    Good luck with changing the battery. I dread that sort of thing too but it's often easier in reality than in expectation. Hopefully, that will be so today.

  4. So glad it warmed up enough for you to visit the beach again after your shopping, Sooze. I had piano lessons when I was 11 for several years. The plan was I had the lessons, then came home to teach my Dad. A complete fail, he didn’t just mucked about! Still, I took my first piano exam, passed and then gave up. But at least I could read music if I wanted to :)


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