Friday 12 March 2021

Nearly a year

 So it's been nearly a year that we've all been under the Covid restrictions, how has it affected you?

1.  For me, and for most of us I suspect, the biggest thing has been not being able to see friends and family.  February 2020 was when I last saw my sister and younger brother, January 2020 when I saw my nieces, nephews and cousins at Mum's funeral.  Elder brother I saw once during the brief relaxation of rules late last summer.  Friends who live nearby I've only seen a handful of times, and then mostly at a distance.  Of course we keep in contact via phones and internet, but it's not the same, as we all know.

2.  Hugs!!  I'm a very huggy person, and OMG do I miss it.  I think when restrictions are lifted and we can have physical contact with our loved ones again, I won't let go for hours 😂

3.  I miss being able to just go for an unplanned, spontaneous day out on a nice day.  On the couple of occasions in recent weeks when we simply had to get out of the house and went to the beach, or the nature reserve, it seemed everyone else had the same idea and so they were too busy for my liking.

4.  Garden centres....I love them and really miss going.  I know they're open for business, but our nearest one is 15 miles away, so it's not really allowed.  And coffee shops, we did like going for coffee and cake when we were out.

5.  Food shopping, I hate it with a passion now.  I've mostly given up with home deliveries, it's the missed off items, or unsuitable substitutions, or poor quality of fresh veg & fruit chosen I don't like.  I have no objection to wearing a mask in the shop, but some people just don't adhere to social distancing and reach over you to grab things off shelves, or get too close in the queue....I feel constantly on edge and can't wait to get out.

6.  Everything seems to be about Covid, it's like it's taken over everyone's lives (I suppose it has) and sometimes it feels like there's no other topic of conversation, or news.  I know things aren't going to go back to what was normal pre-Covid, but a more 'normal' way of life with more freedom can't come soon enough, as far as I'm concerned.  I've felt like a caged animal sometimes and it's affected my mental health a lot.  

We are extremely fortunate that we haven't had Covid ourselves (I didn't fancy our chances of survival much if we did get it, with our underlying health conditions).....several of our family members have had it, mostly not too seriously, except for my cousin's husband and my husband's brother in law who were both quite ill but luckily recovered.  I am glad my mother died just before Covid started, she wouldn't have survived in any case if she did get it, but as she was very poorly indeed in hospital for the last few weeks of her life, she wouldn't have been able to have any visitors due to Covid restrictions and she would have absolutely hated that.

Each day now I wake up (I'm thankful that I do wake up!) and think well it's one day closer to being able to start seeing people and doing things get back on track.  


  1. Oh, Sooze, how this resonated with me. I'm anxiously awaiting the time when we can see loved ones again and give them a hug. I've yet to kiss my new grandson and he'll be one in June. I've got so many hugs and kisses saved up for him! Like you, just to be able to go for a coffee, or not to have to avoid getting too close to others. The day is coming 🤞 and what a joyful day it will be! xx

  2. Hang on in there - it must come soon surely

  3. Oh Sooze love. I too am a hugger and thankfully Tony is too or I would be climbing the wall. I long to jump on the train and nip over to Whitby for fish and chips with my friend. It's definitely on the cards as soon as we are allowed.

  4. I had my second jab today so hopefully I will be able to go out on my own and I have not been on the bus since February 2020 and have only been out to the village for a walk once since Christmas. Fortunately I am happy outside in the garden, I live on my own and am contented and love doing my crocheting and card making and try to do things for other people which helps for there is always somebody worse of than me, my immediate family are helpful and there is always from my siblings are there to phone me. I am sorry for people who are on there own with no family it will soon be over and we can go outside again.

  5. I know what you mean with all your comments. Both my sons and families were in a high tier before the latest lockdown so have not seen them for a long time, missing those 4 grandchildren. Our eldest granddaughter and little dog moved in with us in October, her Mum and siblings only live 2 miles away so still able to see them at a distance or dog walking, no hugs though.
    It would be wonderful to drive to Portland, coffee and wind in our hair and gazing out to sea. Miss little trips out so much.
    Sad when the most exciting visit is to the supermarket!
    Hopefully, there is light at the end of the LONG tunnel.

  6. I've gone through so many emotions this last year. Being told what we can and can't do is hard to swallow when you see others ignoring it. I'm not a shopper but I miss looking at clothes and shoes. I miss my family and grandchildren so much. Just to be able to jump in the car and have a coffee in the garden will be amazing and that's only a few weeks away now By the time May is here and other restrictions are eased most of my family will have had both jabs. I can't wait.


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