Tuesday, 23 March 2021

All skipped out, and worries

 Husband was up exceptionally early and was out with Betty and back home before 7 am.  He had breakfast then started on filling the skip.....I did start off helping but soon scooted back indoors - don't know where the promised sunshine is but it's blooming freezing out there.  Having spent years suffering from terrible hot flushes and wishing I could sit inside the freezer, I've now gone the other way and really feel the cold....must be getting old.  So I kept husband supplied with tea and got on with stuff in the kitchen - I've made tomato and bean soup for lunch, and some raisin cookies....well, he's worked hard, he deserves a treat.  I've also cooked a chicken for meals during the week, and got the washing out on the line.

10.00 and he's nearly filled the skip now (it's only a relatively small one, next size up from the smallest), he's a good man and does what I ask of him (with a bit of prompting!).  So most of his accumulated junk, plus the old stuff I sorted out from indoors, has now been cleared into the skip.  Just a case of not accumulating any more junk now!

For those of you who mentioned our neighbours....yes we do have lovely neighbours.   Being a small hamlet of only about 20 houses, everyone knows everybody and we all get on very well.  Apart from one obnoxious bloke who seems to actively try and upset people and is as grumpy as hell, but we'll gloss over him.....he's got a bad back so perhaps that's why.  How his wife, who's a sweetheart, puts up with him I don't know - even she says he's a grumpy old sod.  We got lots of help offered by neighbours when husband's foot was in plaster and he was unable to drive for 6 or 8 weeks, we're lucky to have such good neighbours.

It appears our landlord is possibly intending to put our rent up by a large amount - he's told conflicting stories to all of us tenants (there are 4 houses here owned by the farm).  Why he seems to think that none of us talk to each other and compare stories I don't know.....or perhaps he just forgets what he's told to whom.  So that's a bit of a worry.  He doesn't belong to any kind of fair rent scheme, so it seems likely he can increase the rent to whatever he likes....his attitude is if you don't like it, then leave!  Which is what I think he wants us all to do, as he'll be able to charge a lot more if he can rent all 4 houses out to workers from the new Hinckley power station.  But so long as we keep paying the rent.....the current rent, that is.....he can't kick us out - as far as I'm aware, there are new laws concerning evictions and landlords have to have a very good, valid reason (such as rent arrears or damage to property) before starting eviction proceedings.  Can do without this sort of worry though at our ages.

I don't know whether I'm coming down with something, or suffering from lack of sleep (for a change), or possibly just anxiety over various things, but I haven't felt very well for a few days.  Roll on better (warmer) weather and the end of lockdown.


  1. I was fortunate in that I didn't get hot flushes, but like you, I feel the cold. Once I get cold, it takes me all day to thaw out! Your landlord sounds a pain in the proverbial. You can do without the worry. I'm sure Citizen's Advice will be able to put you straight on your rights as tenants. I wish my Dad was still alive. He used to sit on a Rent Tribunal in Liverpool, so would know the ins and outs. Hope you're not coming down with something. The warmer weather and easing of lockdown will make us all feel better. Can't wait! xx

  2. We rent our property and have done since 1965 so we are lucky because we are protected tenants. I think the last comment was on point, ask the citizen's Advice they are brilliant.

  3. You've reminded me that's the next thing I need to do order a large skip to be dropped in our front garden at the new place. Filling it up will be a doddle ... then the work really starts.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your landlord that must be a worry. I know many young couples caught up in the renting scenario. Truth be told if they could save for a home deposit their mortgage would be cheaper or on par with their rent! It must be a nice feeling having all the clutter gone.

  5. Well done with the skip.
    You could do without the rent worry - nasty person that he sounds.

  6. It sounds like you are doing brilliantly with your clearing out. I'm so sorry you are having problems with your landlord. Even though you know your rights as you say it is horrible to have this added stress. Definitely roll on better weather. x


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