Monday, 29 March 2021

Sod's law

 So much for things to make me smile.....well, it did for a while, it was going so well....

We arrived at the beach just after 10 am, it was practically deserted:-

The weather helped with that, at that time of the morning (bearing in mind it would have been 9.00 ish last week, before the clocks went forward) it was still cloudy and not overly warm yet.  Our normal practise, pre-Covid, was to walk up the beach right to the end of the holiday park, then back down through the park - the park is currently closed though so we had to stay on the beach.  No hardship, it was fine, Betty was having a wonderful time as usual, off the lead running around:-

I normally keep a good eye on where I'm walking, as the beach is covered with stones and holes.  Unfortunately, I took my eyes off my feet for a split second to take this photo of Betty, and promptly put my foot in a hole and fell over.....luckily it was a soft landing and I didn't fall on any big stones.  I did hurt my ankle though, and had to hobble back to the car....we were on our way back by then and not far away, fortunately.  Now, back home an hour later, my ankle is swollen and hurting like hell - it's not broken, just sprained or twisted.  My left shoulder feels bruised too.  Oh well, a good excuse to just sit and do nothing for the rest of the afternoon.  If it still hurts tomorrow morning, I'll send husband to do the shopping on his own.....I probably won't fancy walking around a supermarket (we were planning on doing the shopping first thing, before having the afternoon out somewhere).  

It would have to happen on the first morning of a mini heatwave and when lockdown restrictions have been eased though, and I was so looking forward to getting out and about for the next couple of days.....sod's law.  It's sunny and very warm now.


  1. Oh Sooze, poor you. I do hope your ankle feels better soon now that we can go a little further and the weather is warming up too. What bad luck. Sending hugs x

  2. Oh, dear. I hope with rest and some pampering, your ankle quickly improves and you can get out again. If not, sit in the garden sunshine and pretend you're on holiday! Hugs. xx

  3. Rest and you can do your drawing/painting.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈

  4. Oh no Sooze how awful. I know it is a horrible feeling when you fall. I think you should just sit in the sun tomorrow and hope that helps it recover. xx

  5. What a shame, hope you recover quickly and feel better soon.


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