Sunday, 21 March 2021

Boom! and my new favourite craft

 How annoying, I typed most of my blog post this morning and then it just vanished 😠

Anyway....yesterday afternoon husband came back from dog walking and asked "Did you hear that big bang?".  "What big bang?" (so no I hadn't heard it).  I was busy in the kitchen, had the radio on and I'm partially deaf anyway, I hadn't heard anything.  Apparently he'd heard a big bang, like an explosion, but in the distance.....Betty heard it too and stopped in her tracks, lifting her head up and listening, he said.  Well, in the paper this morning it said a meteor had crashed into the earth's atmosphere around 3pm yesterday, shattering into bits and causing a sonic boom which was heard in Devon, Somerset and Dorset.  So there you go.

We've got the skip arriving tomorrow, most of the junk is now ready in the garage waiting to go in it.  Husband is clearing up a few more bits in the garden today, then we just have the final clear out of the utility room and my kitchen equipment cupboards - I have so many old baking tins, saucepans and ancient plastic containers I no longer use.  I've got rid of some stuff on the local neighbourhood FB pages, and we've got the trailer up for sale on there.  The new car doesn't have a towbar and we don't intend to fit one - now we've got/are getting rid of most of the junk we no longer need the trailer.  Husband said once the garage is cleared of the junk tomorrow, we'll be able to fit the car inside....for the first time since we moved here 9 years ago 😂 (the previous tenant left a load of rubbish and old broken furniture in the garage, grrr).  We won't be putting the car in there though - the garage leaks like a sieve and isn't fit for purpose really, it needs knocking down and rebuilding.....not something the landlord is at all interested in getting done!  He's a right skinflint.

My new favourite crafty interest is drawing with coloured pencils, especially flowers - I never knew I could draw until last year, although, as I've said before, my Mum was a talented watercolour painter.  My sister is also very talented, she makes soft furnishings and does decoupage, neither of which I've ever attempted, or even wanted to.  Here's a quick sketch I did last night, whilst the rugby was on:-

The coloured pencils I have at the moment are just cheap ones, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on them when I didn't know if I'd be doing much drawing (or be any good at it).  But I do really like doing it, so have ordered some professional type better quality pencils.


  1. YES you can draw...................... beautifully.

  2. Wow, that's beautiful Sooze. It does make you wonder what else we could do if we had the opportunities in life doesn't it. This is one of the things that gets to me about getting old. There are so many things that I would still like to have a go at but may never get the chance. Keep at it, I'd like to see more of your work.

  3. That's lovely, Sooze. Have you been watching Greyson Perry's Art Club? It makes you realise that everyone can make art. Being creative, in whatever way you enjoy is good for the soul. xx

  4. Sooze, get that hair dye out and to it. Just because we are seniors doesn't mean we should give up. Show us when its done. I tried to kid myself that grey looked okay but I can see now that it made me look old.

  5. If you'll be selling, I'll be buying!

  6. That's incredible Sooze, it looks beautiful.

  7. So pleased you have a new hobby, I love my craft projects I have just started making Twilley Muffs for my Daughter who works at a care home something different than blankets for a charity I am involved with.
    Look forward to seeing you new projects.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

  8. You are one talented lady, well done. I have just started drawing a little, not as good as you but I do enjoy the process which is what matters.

  9. That is lovely - you definitely can draw. I'd buy a card like that, for sure.

  10. Yes you can draw, that lavender is beautiful. My Dad could draw and my son can, but the artistic drawing gene has totally by-passed me unfortunately.


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