Monday 30 August 2021

Dull this morning - me and the weather!

 We went out early this morning to a boot sale.  I was a bit concerned that it might be busy, being a Bank Holiday, but it wasn't at all, only perhaps a dozen people there.  There weren't many sellers either, probably about 20 in total, and several of those were young mothers selling toys and baby clothes - obviously of no interest to us.  Husband bought a hammer (for 50p!), I bought nothing, I didn't see anything I wanted.  I was hoping to buy some plants for the van garden, but there were only 2 people selling plants, and they were bedding plants - I don't want those, I want perennials and small shrubs.  Disappointing, but never mind, I'll get some elsewhere this week, I expect.

Having popped home yesterday, we brought back a bagful each of courgettes and cooking apples from the garden at home, we've given some away to caravan neighbours.  There's a plum tree here on site, the plums look like they're ready so I might add some to the apples.  Stewed fruit and clotted cream or Greek yogurt will be lovely, or just the fruit with cereal for breakfast.

We've discussed it at length and decided we probably won't grow much (if anything) in the way of produce at home next year, other than the tree fruit which obviously is already there.  We intend to spend a lot of time here at the caravan, so won't be at home much to take care of growing things.  We might grow a few, cherry tomatoes, one(!!) courgette plant and a wigwam of beans in pots here in the van garden.

I feel sluggish this morning, several nights of not sleeping very well.  And it's wall to wall cloud and a bit chilly at the moment.  Husband has just gone outside to carry on with chopping down the monster hedge (he's now using his electric hedge trimmers, having brought them from home yesterday - trying to do it with the shears was just too hard), so I'd better put a jumper on and go help.


  1. We have had no sun for a week and this week is the same. Like Autumn already.

  2. A bit dull and overcast here today, too, which always makes me feel sluggish as well. My plums are ripening up, although some of them have been got at by some sort of grub. I ought to spray them with something, but don't like to use chemicals if I can help it. Still, the birds don't mind the manky fruit! I hope the jasmine succumbs easily to hubby's attack. Some plants really fight back don't they?😓 xx


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