Wednesday 25 August 2021


 I've finally got my MiFi connected, after a bit of trouble.  I tested it out at home first - initial problem was that the instruction leaflet supplied with the thing was utterly useless - very scant instructions and didn't really tell me anything.  So I had to google to find a more comprehensive (and easy to understand) manual on the internet and download it.  Much better.  Then, having managed to get the SIM card installed, I couldn't get the laptop to connect wirelessly to the MiFi - no idea why, it just wouldn't.  Having had a read through the manual again, I discovered that I could use the cable supplied with the thing - which I thought was just a charging cable - to plug the MiFi into my laptop.  And then it worked fine.  Now we're back in the caravan and I'm on the laptop - hooray!  And as husband's BiL's funeral is being livestreamed tomorrow, we can now watch it on the laptop.  Assuming I can get the link to work!  I've never done anything like that before.

Husband's been a bit unwell the past few days, and had to go to the GP yesterday, who checked all his vitals, took bloods and arranged for him to have an appointment for an ultrasound scan in 10 days.  The GP doesn't think it's heart related, more a stomach problem.  I asked husband how he felt about coming to the van, I said we don't have to at all, it's entirely up to him.  He said he wanted to.  So we're here, and I've said we're on holiday this time, he's not doing any garden work.....well, not unless he wants to and feels up to it in a few days' time.  The weather's glorious, our lovely neighbours are here, we're all sitting outside in our recliners enjoying the sun.....well, I'm now hiding indoors as it's too warm for me, I can't take the heat and too much sun gives me a headache and makes me feel queasy.  Our immediate next door neighbours said they were planning on going home tomorrow, but now we're here they've decided to stay a bit longer - isn't that nice of them?  I was really touched.

I'll pot up all my Spring bulbs over the next few days, in the mornings when it's not too hot.

Thank you for all the info re the SmartShop zapper things.  So what happens when you finish your shop and go to the dedicated Smart till?  Can anyone tell me how it works and what you do?

Husband's just had a phone call from the GP with the bloods results - apparently he has a mild gut infection, which is what the GP suspected and gave him medication for yesterday.  He feels a bit better today already.


  1. Well done - those techy things really baffle me so I am filled with respect for the way you sorted it out.
    I'm so glad Husband has been feeling rough and glad he's got meds that seem to be helping. Hopefully her is a lot better now.

    Have a lovely holiday.

  2. Good on you getting the MiFi working, I'm not sure I'd have been able to! My hubby's cousin's funeral was live streamed earlier this year - really easy. Just click the link and if, like us, you're a bit early, it'll tell you to wait, then start automatically. Glad your hubby's feeling a bit better, now you can start to enjoy your holiday properly. How nice of your neighbours to delay going home. You've made friends already! xx


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