Friday 6 August 2021

Caravan photos - Part 2

 So, on to the bedrooms and bathroom.  The main bedroom was easy really (well, in comparison with the rest of the caravan) was just a question of thoroughly cleaning everything, getting rid of the horrible old broken divan bed, plus all the disgusting rubbish we found kicked or thrown underneath the bed.  I know the previous couple were old and unwell, and I guess that excuses them to a certain extent - but, really, dirty (and I do mean worn and unwashed) underpants and socks, dozens and dozens of used tissues, and no end of general rubbish - honestly, why?!?!  Prising the filthy old padded headboard off the wall was a difficult job, it left a right old mess on the wall so we had to simply cover it up with some spare material off the new curtains, which I'd purposely bought in a long length so we could cut off and use the extra material.  We redecorated, cleaned the carpet, put in the new bed and job done:-

The bedroom as was.....the filthy cushions had been strategically placed (by the previous owners' son, I think) to hide the even filthier headboard.

And now, complete with Betty's seal of approval!  Sorry, not much of a photo, but as there's very little room to manoeuvre in there it's difficult to take an all round photo.

The small bedroom, which is only about 5'8" wide by around 7' long, had 3 child-size beds in it - twin beds with a tiny gap in between, plus a small fold down bunk above them, with a single wardrobe above a chest of drawers at the end of one bed, making it very cramped and claustrophobic indeed.  There was no way an adult could have slept in any of the beds, and they were in poor condition anyway, so they all had to go.  I had to scour the internet to find a short length bed (5'9") in a size wide enough for an adult (me) to sleep in....I wanted a 3' one but had to settle for a 2'6" one, which is ok, I'm not a fidgety sleeper.  The length is fine, I'm only 5'5 and a half.  Having decorated, put in a new rug and narrow pink chest of drawers to serve as both bedside cabinet and extra storage, and one of the original dining room stools which I recovered in spare curtain material, and added some of my pictures and a bed for Betty, I'm really happy with it.  The room as it was:-

And now:-

The bathroom was really grotty, absolutely awful, smelly, dirty and just horrible, with salmon coloured faded plastic fixtures and fittings.  The toilet didn't work - it's not a normal household toilet, it's what's called a Thetford cassette toilet - the waste is collected in a sealed cassette underneath and has to be emptied by hand into a septic tank - there's no mains sewerage system on site, all the caravans have the same system.  We're used to it as all touring caravans (we had a touring caravan for many years) have the same thing.  Once everything had the compulsory thorough clean and redecoration, some of the plastic fittings disposed of and new ones fitted, new flooring laid and the toilet fixed, it's now absolutely fine.  As it was:-

And all fresh and updated:-

So now the inside is more or less done and we are very happy indeed with the results, we love staying there, even husband who was very unsure at the beginning that we could actually do anything with it, is very pleased with how it's turned out (he should be, he did most of the work!).

We have big plans for the garden.  It's really just a fenced in yard at the moment, with a decent round patio but a very lumpy, uneven, weed ridden excuse for a lawn, with lots of bare patches.  All the dozens of broken plastic pots with their dead plants have been disposed of, there's just the pretty but extremely vigorous and highly invasive jasmine plant, tangled up with several other shrubs, at the front of the van - all that is going, to be replaced by a small raised bed with some pots of low maintenance and tidy plants.  We've already bought a couple of smallish ornamental grasses to go in there, we'll look for a small flowering shrub to go in between, a euonymus or hebe maybe.  We've also bought 3 roses, in shades of pink, to be grown in large tubs inside the fence.  One of them is a miniature patio climber, we'll train it along the fence.  We're going to dig out the current excuse for a lawn, level the ground off and put down new turf (the real thing, we've decided against artificial grass), we'll then get some more perennial shrubs - with the site closed for 4 months over the winter, anything we put in the garden needs to be low maintenance.  The area at the back of the van is currently unfenced, it is paved but is very overgrown and untidy, it backs onto the site boundary of trees and hedging which has all got out of hand.  We intend to fence it in (so the next door neighbours' little yappy dogs can't get in and use it as their toilet!), clear it all, put in a raised bed, clean off the paving and then we can sit out there in the's nice and shady, whereas the main garden gets full sun and is consequently very hot.

As it was....we temporarily cut back the messy jasmine at the front, just to keep it under control for the time being.  It will be dug up completely next week.


  1. You've both certainly made the proverbial silk purse! You deserve to feel thoroughly chuffed. It'll take you no time to get the garden licked into shape, then you can really sit back and admire your hard work! xx

  2. So much better. Yes, best to keep other dogs out.

  3. Oh, Sooze, it is going to be so lovely - already is inside. What a transformation - you both have worked so very hard to make it the haven it now is and once the outside matches the inside in quality - wow.
    Huge well done to you both.

  4. Sooze, you worked wonders and it all looks fantastic!

    If you are wondering about a flowering shrub you may like to look at the new Daphne x transatlantica Eternal Fragrance - Fragrant Evergreen Daphne. It flowers from April - October and doesn't grow higher than 90cm, a good container plant too.

  5. You and your husband have done an absolutely wonderful job of improving the caravan. I can't wait to see what you do with the outside lawn.

  6. It's an amazing transformation and I too look forward to seeing the outside transformed as well.

  7. When the site is closed, will you be allowed to go there to check that all is well with the 'van and garden, fence, etc? There must be some nice, fine days during that 4 months when it might be possible to spend some time there, taking drinks and food if everything is turned off inside.

  8. What a difference. You are really going to enjoy spending time there.

    God bless.

  9. I would try and cut back everything in the front garden, and see how they grow back, you can cut them back and control them, might save you some pennies, you know they will be OK through the winter months, as they have survived neglect for longer. You should both be proud of your achievements.

  10. Looking good Sue, you have done an amazing job, will soon be time to sit back, relax and enjoy. xx

  11. Your hard work has paid off. Great transformation into a lovely relaxing space to stay in.


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