Tuesday 3 August 2021

Starting to relax

 We have almost finished the work on the caravan, just a couple of cosmetic things left.  Feels like we've been doing it forever, but in reality it's only two months.  I'm so happy with it, husband in particular has worked so hard and has achieved everything I asked him to do.

Today he's just got a couple of shelves to put up, and I'm sanding the kitchen wall cupboard doors.  Tomorrow husband is off out for a male bonding session with his mate for a few hours, so I'll paint the cupboard doors whilst he's out.

This afternoon we're off out for a walk with Betty along the Strawberry Line, a long distance footpath built on the old railway line.  Not been along there yet, but our fellow residents say it's lovely.


  1. You have had quite a journey and now can enjoy…fun

  2. When we lived in Cheddar, over 40 years ago, we used to go to the Strawberry Special pub in Draycott, which was on the strawberry line you speak of. Have fun.

  3. I think buying the caravan was just what you needed. You sound so happy and relaxed now, and you've got your little bolt-hole whenever the mood takes you. I want to thank you, too, Sooze for giving me the spur to start painting again. I got the paints, brushes and paper out of hibernation yesterday, and I'm going to make a start this afternoon. You are now, officially, my muse! xx

  4. Whoop Whoop - you are almost ready to relax and enjoy

  5. You have also given me the spark I needed to get going on some projects I have put off. And look at art a new way. I thank you as well.

  6. So close to the end. You enjoy your caravan.

    God bless.

  7. I hope you really enjoyed your walk - it sounds wonderful and you so deserve to have a lovely time after all your hard work.


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