Monday 17 June 2024

Help is not always helpful

 I've got a GP appointment for tomorrow morning, thankfully.  I was offered an appointment with their musculoskeletal therapist, who visits the surgery once a week, but the first available appointment was in 2 weeks' time.  I want some stronger pain relief now, not in a fortnight (and I don't know if she can prescribe meds anyway), so opted for the GP.  

I couldn't find any bedding dahlias this morning, so got a few small perennials instead - at least they'll come up every year.  I just really wanted something to fill a few gaps.  I also bought a hanging basket for the trailing fuchsia to go in.  Husband has been 'helping' me (unasked) in the garden....he broke the biggest (and flowering) stem off the fuchsia when he decided to pot it up for me (he's stuck it in a pot to see if it'll should do).  At the time I was trying to unravel the stems of a clematis which is at the back of the bluebell and hebe bed by the stone wall, I didn't even know it was there initially, it's winding itself around the hebe and a rose bush.  I want to train it up the ivy-covered wall, so was gently untangling it....husband came along to 'help' (I didn't ask for help!) and immediately snapped two of the clematis stems 😡.  I can do without his kind of help - he's so cack-handed and goes at everything like a bull in a china shop.  He never apologises and is now sulking because I asked him to stop helping 😒

I think the reason I'm so tired is partly because of the meds - I've stopped taking the co-codamol and am now taking just paracetamol 3 or 4x daily, but am also taking antihistamines for hayfever.  It's also because the pain in my shoulder is waking me up at night - I can't lie on my left side as the shoulder is too painful, but obviously I turn over onto that side in my sleep and then the pain wakes me.  Oh well, it'll get sorted sooner or later, or will go away eventually.  Chronic pain is very wearing.


  1. You have my sympathy - chronic pain really does get you down, doesn't it, particularly when you have someone else who needs your attention. Might be worth asking about low dose Diazepam to help with the pain: I find it really good and it doesn't have bad side effects (co-codamol makes me feel really depressed - took me a while to figure that out, but once I did I completely stopped using it). My husband is also clumsy, and his condition has made it much more obvious. He frequently breaks things like handles, shower heads, etc because he just wrenches them instead of working out how they operate! It's very trying, let's say...😉

  2. I do hope the GP can give you something to ease the pain. It's bad enough during the day, but when it interrupts your sleep, it's not good. I think it's a man thing, this going at things like a bull at a gate. No patience! I've given up asking my husband for help, unless it's something I REALLY need help with. It's more trouble than it's worth! xx

  3. I hope you can get some pain relief. Chronic pain is very debilitating.

    God bless.


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