Saturday 22 June 2024

In holiday mode

 It's glorious here at the caravan, hot and sunny but with a welcome soft breeze so it doesn't feel too hot.  Not many owners here and only a couple of tourists, so it's very peaceful.  A few of our friends are here though, so people to chat to.  Husband still can't get the TV working, to his disgust, but we do have around a dozen DVDS so he'll be fine later this evening.  

We might get up early tomorrow and take Betty to the beach, before it gets too warm.  She keeps looking at our ex-neighbours' caravan and whining, she can't understand why C&J aren't there, bless her.  Apparently someone came to look round the caravan a week or 2 ago, but then decided they preferred another one for sale on the lower part of the site.

I'm in holiday mode already, having a lovely relaxing time reading, whilst husband is off talking cars with a friend.


  1. Relax and re-charge those batteries. xx

  2. Have a wonderful, relaxing time; thanks to all your preparations, you have meals in the freezer - and no telly!!! Poor Betty, missing the lovely neighbours. I hope you soon have some nice new ones who will oblige with some ear rubs for her.


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