Friday 21 June 2024

A better day, idiots, spiky hair and planting

 Husband seemed to be in a better frame of mind yesterday, he went to the gym in the morning, which he enjoyed, and was quite helpful once he came home, doing everything I asked him.  Regarding the caravan TV, he's decided to take our freesat box from home, to see if that works on the van tv....although he doesn't think it will, he thinks it's a problem with the aerial wire.  I've no idea, I know nothing about TVs, I can only change channels by randomly trying both remotes and pressing a few buttons until something happens 😂.  I suggested that after husband came out of the gym, he should go in a couple of charity shops and buy a few DVDs to watch if he can't get the TV working - he came back with a few, so they should keep him occupied in the evenings.  With the current good weather, which is forecast to last all the time we are at the van, there should be several other owners there so he'll have people to chat to during the day.  We'll have a trip or 2 to the beach I expect, so Betty can have a run around.

Did you see on the news about those idiotic people from Just Stop Oil spraying Stonehenge with orange paint?  Do they really imagine that by defacing and damaging famous landmarks or works of art, they are getting people to support them?  Nobody I know has the slightest bit of empathy with them - they're doing criminal damage for goodness sake.  I think they ought to be tied to stakes in public, so people can chuck wet sponges, mud pies or even orange paint at them.  I wouldn't suggest rocks, I'm not that callous.  

Well, I've decided who I'm going to vote for.....although I may change my mind come voting day!  Each of the parties have some policies which sound good....others not so much - like lowering the voting age to 16!!  That's just a very cynical attempt to get more people (kids) voting for them, to ensure they stay in power.  We all know that 16 y.o's know nothing - they think they know everything but they don't - we were all 16 once and with the benefit of hindsight and experience, we know we were clueless at that age.  But I have little confidence that whoever gets in will actually follow through with their policies - they're all good at spouting off what they think the public wants to hear.  So I have to say I'm basing my vote on the personality and likeableness of the party leader, rather than on their policies, I'm just going with my heart really.  And that's enough of that!

Now my hair's grown out a bit after husband and I scalped me with his clippers, I actually really like it.  No longish hair to slap around my face, takes just a couple of minutes to wash (although it's a bit difficult right now when I can only use my right arm, being unable to lift my left).  And I don't have to blow dry it, it dries by itself in no time and I don't need to do anything to it, other than squirting a bit of mousse into it to keep it looking spiky.  So that's what I'll continue to do in future, which will save me money on haircuts.  

Very fluffy! And the colour almost blends into the lounge wall....

It's a lovely sunny warm day again, yesterday I picked several green and yellow courgettes and a selection of herbs - parsley, lemon thyme, chives and sage - to go in the green risotto for dinner last night, which was delicious with some Parmesan stirred through.  We've planted out all the cosmos bedding plants I bought in a tray and potted on, they've grown big, strong and healthy so should survive the slugs.  More of our plants are flowering now and it's all looking very pretty.  I'll take some more photos when we get back from the caravan.


  1. Good days, bad days. We have to just take what comes, really, and savour the good ones! I'm glad your husband (and therefore you) had a good day.
    I overheard 2 Tesco staff discussing the JSO protest at Stonehenge. One said we should go round to their houses and spray them with crude oil. That made me laugh! If the intention is to alienate everyone to their cause, they're doing a grand job.
    Your hair looks good. I try growing mine every so often, but I'm always glad when I cut it short again. So much easier to look after. I've never been a "faff about with my hair" type of girl!💇 xx

  2. What a horrible thing to have happen at Stonehenge!! Haven't heard of this happening! Protesters are doing the same here...I'm with you! Put them in stockades and throw things at them...
    Glad hubby is helping you!

  3. The eco groups are going just a touch too far in my mind. Someone mentioned no jail but to make them clean toilets and such in historic sites for at least a year. Harvey and I think that might teach them a lesson.

    So nice that hubby is being of more help right now. I do hope it continues.

    God bless.

  4. JSO are putting everyone off by their stupid actions. However, I was listening to the Chief Druid on Radio 4 yeterday and he said it was orange coloured talc and washed off quite easily it seems. Time will tell whether it affected the rare varieties of ancient lichen on the stones.

  5. I agree about Just Stop Oil, what a ridiculous way to get people to sit up and take note, it's vandalism and the thing they should throw at them is 'the book'. This country has gone soft! Your hair looks very nice. I hate trips to the hairdresser and go as little as I can get away with, haha.

  6. Short hair is so much easier isn't it. I wash mine with shampoo every other day and with just water on the other day, which my hairdresser advised me to do and it's been in much better condition and it stops it spiking in the wrong direction. Not having to own a comb is another money saver. :-)


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