Saturday 7 November 2020


 Thank you for all the birthday wishes.  For lunch I made a Stilton spread (just crumbled stilton mashed and mixed with butter, Philadelphia cream cheese and smoked paprika), we had it on some bought crackers.   I cooked a simple but nice meal for dinner - a small gammon ham with honey and mustard poured over, spicy wedges and I made coleslaw to go with it.  I also made a pudding - a dish of our home grown blueberries topped with chocolate sponge made with cocoa and dark choc chips, I had cream with it, husband had custard.

When walking Betty yesterday afternoon on the extendable lead in the field (it's really muddy, waterlogged and squelchy right now), she saw something in the distance, I know not what, pheasant or rabbit probably.  She took off like a rocket, nearly yanking me over in the process, consequently my hip, back, side and right shoulder are agony now.  I've decided that if (when) she does it again, I'm going to drop the lead and let her go, hoping she doesn't catch whatever it is.  She does come back to me when I call her, with a bit of encouragement.  She gets so caked in mud though, which is why I'm not keen on letting her off the lead right now - bending down to clean her off when we get home is a problem for me.  

I've just had some of that chocolate pudding, with some Greek yogurt, for breakfast - and you know what?  It was bloody lovely!  Sod the diet.

I have no idea what I'll cook for dinner tonight, something out of the freezer I expect.

Once this is all over and husband is back on his feet and able to drive, walk the dog and take care of himself (some weeks away yet), I'm going to go away for a week, I need a break on my own to do - well, nothing.  Oh, and provided there isn't another lockdown by then!


  1. Only just catching up with your posts! Happy belated birthday Sooze, meals sound lovely. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband.

  2. A good idea to let Betty go if she does that again. It's not worth getting pulled over and being in pain. Glad you had a nice meal. Chocolate pudding for breakfast - way to go girl! Hope hubby is getting the hang of the crutches. xx

  3. Chocolate pud sound like the perfect breakfast. Glad you were able to enjoy your birthday Sooze. The thought of a week away will keep you going for a while.

  4. Belated birthday wishes! I do not use the retractable lead we got for Bluebell for the exact reason you had the misfortune to suffer. Hoe you feel better soon xx

  5. Throw the husband and the dog out back in a tent and vacation in your home.:) If there is another lockdown.
    Your birthday do sounds wonderful. Your cooking sounds to die for.

  6. Belated Birthday wishes, your food sounds delicious. It will give you something to plan for planning a break away.

  7. Oh I missed your birthday ... Happy belated Birthday. Yes, a nice little break on your own sounds like heaven. xx


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