Monday, 9 November 2020

Doc and vet

 Got my friend coming this afternoon to take me to the doctor's, and to the vets with Betty.  My hip pain has worsened significantly over the past 10 days or so since I've been dog walking....Pain doesn't usually bother me much, I can ride it out, but not now, it's just got so bad.  The GP is giving me stronger painkillers (the dreaded codeine, plus the stuff to combat the resultant constipation), and referring me for x-ray.

Betty has a 2 cm long raw wound on her cheek....I noticed it yesterday after we came back from the walk, I saw she was scratching and rubbing her face so had a look.  The wound is buried in her cheek wrinkles so was hard to spot initially, I first noticed several small puncture wounds on her face.  She's a right bloodhound when out, her nose is to the ground sniffing all the time, and she frequently shoves her entire face into the hedges or undergrowth if she's following a scent.  So I think she's caught her face on brambles or most likely barbed wire, as friend suggested.  I've been bathing it with cooled boiled salty water, but its a bit weepy and red looking this morning.  I'm concerned that if it was barbed wire, it may have been rusty and so cause infection, and of course she was scratching and probably has dirt under her claws.  So it's off to the vets as a precaution.  She is a bit subdued and hasn't eaten breakfast, although that in itself isn't totally unusual.

There's always something.

Husband is still struggling trying to use the crutches, he's still not quite got the hang of it.


  1. Oh dear, Sooze. I hope the painkillers help, even if they cause constipation. Poor Betty. Like you say, it could well have been barbed wire. I hope the vet can sort her out quickly. And poor hubby, struggling with his crutches. I wish I'd got a magic wand to make all of you better. You'll have to make do with my very best wishes and a virtual hug. xxx

  2. Poor Betty, hope all goes well at the vet and of course at the Doctors for you. Take care.

  3. Practice makes if not perfect at least better with the crutches.
    And if Betty's wound happens to be what is called a "hot spot". You can put corn starch on it and it will dry and heal , just keep it dry with the corn starch powdered on. Twice a day should be enough.

  4. We had trauma with Rupert all weekend, not eating and drinking and were on the verge of ringing the vet this morning when he decided that he was okay and ate and drank and now seems okay. I can't blog at the moment there just seems to be some bloody thing every day to make the day miserable. I know where you are coming from with your hip, I haven't been back to the dr as I know he will just give me stronger codeine and I don't like them. It try to manage on ibuprofen when the pain is too much but it makes the day a trial when you are in pain doesn't it. I feel for you Sooze. hugs xxxx

  5. Oh, goodness, troubles never seem to come singly, do they! I hope the vet will be able to sort Betty out and that the meds help you very much. Is there anyone local who might take on walking Betty for a few days to give the hip a rest?
    I'm glad he is persisting with the crutches. Once he's got the hang, he won't look back, I'm sure. It is a question of rhythm?

  6. Poor Betty, hope the vet will sort her quickly. Poor you too and hope your back settles soon.
    Has your husband been measured and shown how to use and walk with the crutches? Maybe a word with the GP might help or he could arrange for a district nurse or health carer to visit and make sure he uses them properly.

  7. Oh poor Betty, so that's all three of you 'in the wars' as my gran would have said. Hopefully some antibiotics and topical cream will sort her out, if only it were that easy to sort you out.


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