Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Mrs Grump

 It's been one of those days today, things going wrong and loads of minor irritations, I've been weepy and irritable all day.  Being so tired doesn't help.  Nor does husband when he keeps saying how much his foot hurts still...well of course it does.  And the bloody crutches I ordered and paid extra for next day delivery still haven't arrived, when they should have come yesterday.  Covid delays, apparently (yes blame everything on Covid!).  And new lockdown starts tomorrow.....not that we'll notice much, seeing as husband can't drive or go outside....oh and no working car even if he could drive.  Got a right case of the grumps today, one of those days when I felt like staying in bed with the quilt pulled over my head.


  1. We all get days when everything seems to get us down. I just hope tomorrow is better for you. I hope your hubby's foot settles soon and stops giving him pain (and so stops giving you pain!) You may not be able to stay in bed with the quilt over your head, but be kind to yourself. Take some time to do what YOU want to do, and sod the rest. It'll pass, it always does, but when you're in the throes of it all, it seems like things are never going to go right. Wish I could give you a hug, and we could have a good moan together, but sending you a virtual hug, you moan as much as you like, and I'll do the same here. xx

  2. I think you have every right to enjoy a session of the grumps. Sometimes it can help a lot to indulge.
    ((((lots of hugs))))

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself, having hubby recovering from an op in these times is just difficult, hope you find more me time.

  4. You need to go and stand outside in the fresh air take three deep breaths and then scream as loud as you possibly can ... make sure hubby isn't stood at the top of the stairs when you do it though!!

  5. Oh Sooze. As if you didn't have enough to put up with. Dose that man of yours with strong alcohol. It won't take away the pain but at least he would be happy and you might get some peace and quiet. In fact dose yourself with it and crawl off to bed with a good book

  6. My heart goes out to you, hopefully you will get a good nights sleep and feel better tomorrow. Take care.

  7. Poor you Sooze. I often have what I call my 'Melt Down Days' and once I've recovered I don't think I'll have another one but they seem to come back regularly. I used to be a really strong person who dealt with so much in the past but with Tom terminal and my joints (just like yours) I find that sometimes I've just about had enough.
    Nothing can be done but to soldier on and enjoy the days when things go at least a bit better.
    I feel for you and hope today is a good one.


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