Saturday, 14 November 2020

Oh bugger it

 Horrible weather here, strong winds and rain, although strangely warm - had to get dressed up for winter weather to take the dog out, but was sweating like a pig (do pigs actually sweat?) by the time I got home.  I went out earlier than usual, at 06.30, as it was only spitting then, the heavier rain forecast to start a bit later.  We walked along the lanes instead of in the field....the field is too treacherous right now, it's so waterlogged and thick with mud, which makes it even more difficult to walk through as I can't see trip hazards like ridges and humps when they're under water or thick mud.  I don't like walking the lanes though as they're so narrow, meaning it's difficult to get out of the way of passing traffic, particularly tractors or horse boxes....fortunately only 2 vehicles this morning.  It was dark still, making it even more hazardous (no streetlights here), so we didn't stay out long.  If only husband's op had been in summer!  I really loathe walking in bad weather, don't think Betty likes it much either, but needs must.

I booked my hip x-ray yesterday, a fortnight's time at the local hospital.  I could have got in earlier at one of the more distant hospitals, but didn't feel able to do that as obviously I've got to ask someone to take me.  Whilst most of the neighbours have already been very helpful and keep saying just ask, it's difficult really, I don't like having to keep asking them to take me anywhere....although I don't have any option, I simply can't get anywhere under my own steam.  I just feel bad about having to ask, I feel like a nuisance.  It's become apparent that a couple of people, despite saying cheerfully 'give us a shout if you need anything', only really mean 'I'll give you a hand at such and such a time when I'm not doing anything else'.  Now, I don't expect people to drop everything just to help me out when I need it - certainly not!  But don't offer to help if you don't actually mean it!

Had some unwelcome news yesterday about my bladder op, which I should have had at the beginning of November but had to put off, as I needed to look after husband and dog...I postponed it until mid December.  Had a letter from my consultant saying that because of covid, the op is being postponed for 6 months, so that makes it May next year (unless he means 6 months from the postponement date of December!  Oh I hope not).  Which means I have to put up with the problems for even longer, as if it isn't already difficult enough.

This isn't my favourite time of year under normal circumstances....right now, with everything that's happening, covid and lockdown, it's even worse.  I wish I could hibernate and wake up in Spring next year.  I expect we all do.


  1. That dog walk sounds scary do you wear reflextive jacket/arm bands. I moan about living near a busy town but we are fortunate that all our dog walks bordering it are safe to get to.
    I can understand you not wanting to become a burden to neighbours it is so difficult having to ask for help. Could you order online shopping etc do you have pharmacy delivery etc?
    You mentioned your hubby was having problems with his crutches. I know that with a walking stick the handle should come to the wrist bone when arms are down by your sides. Anything higher and your shoulders will start to ache as your arms should not be bent. I cant believe your husband was not told how to use them. I would phone your local physio dept and ask.
    Lots of appointments are being cancelled and pushed further and further forward. It is getting so frustrating lets hope the vaccine works
    Really enjoy your blog as always
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks Annie. Dog wears a reflective harness and I wear a brightly coloured jacket and white hat. I already do online shopping, we don't have pharmacy deliveries. Husband wasn't shown how to use crutches as he wasn't given any! As I mentioned before, I had to order and buy them myself, as it was clear he wouldn't be able to manage without them.

  2. No pigs don't sweat, hence them having to roll around in mud on hot days to try to keep cool. Ours used to get proper grumpy on hot days.

    Does she really need walking even in bad weather every day? could you alternate and play ball games and fetch with her in the garden or closer to home rather than trekking out in bad weather that neither of you enjoy. Our dogs do everything to make us happy, including walking in rain, but our two really let me know if they would rather just use the toilet outside and then get back indoors and have a good 10 minutes of rough and tumble play to tire them out instead of a good soaking outdoors.

    1. I knew you'd know about pigs, Sue!

      Our front garden is small, the back garden mainly consists of raised veg beds, so not much room to run around, and what grass there is also gets waterlogged (high water table and not free draining). This afternoon though, she will only be going in the garden to do her business, I've had enough of trudging through mud in bad weather.

  3. It's not easy asking people to help if you're not sure they mean it. At least it's not too long a wait for the x-ray. Shame about the bladder op though. Let's hope the hospitals are able to open up earlier than anticipated and you can be seen sooner. Every winter I just want to hibernate, this year even more so. I'd love to go to sleep and wake up to warmer, brighter days and most importantly - NO COVID! xx

  4. I have hated to ask for help all my life and still do so I know how you feel.
    Just as I read your post it started raining again here too - mud glorious mud from the sugar-beet lifting and trucks covers the roads everywhere

  5. Rotten news about the bladder op. Hoping it ends up happening sooner rather than later.


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