Thursday, 19 November 2020

Doing a lot of deep thinking

 Woken up by the wind howling outside and rattling the windows (they're double glazed but old and poorly fitted - the curtains even move!).  No chance of getting back to sleep with that going on, so I've been downstairs reading since about 4 am.  Not looking forward to taking Betty out.

Sue, you asked why I never learnt to drive....I did actually have lessons, twice (2 separate periods of time that is, not 2 lessons) - the first time in my early 20s, and then again in my 30s.  It didn't work out either time - around both times we had a car accident...not whilst I was driving, I hasten to add, husband was.  It wasn't his fault on either occasion, both times I suffered whiplash and was in a collar and having physio for several weeks.  And then my cousin, a front seat passenger, was killed in another car crash.  It all left me too nervous to drive after that, so that was the end of my attempts to learn.

My brother and I were discussing covid conspiracy theories the other me how people can say it doesn't exist, it's all an attempt to control us - what do they think 50,000 people have died of then?  Presumably, the theorists don't know anyone who's had it (lucky them!).  Personally, we have several relatives who've actually had covid - 2 of my nephews and my cousin's husband all had it (and recovered, thankfully) early on in the pandemic.  Recently, 2 of husband's siblings, their spouses and their adult children have had/still have it, one is seriously ill in hospital.  And several friends of my sister have it too, one hospitalised.  We've not come into contact with any of them, none of them live near us and we haven't seen any of them since mum's funeral back in January, so no danger of us becoming infected.  All those infected seem to have caught it in places where there were lots of others around - work, for several of them, and with several of husband's relatives, from a holiday camp (!! Why anyone would want to go stay in a holiday camp during a pandemic is beyond me - I certainly wouldn't.  But each to their own, I suppose).

Well, I certainly don't think it's a conspiracy, I do my best to stay safe, and I've just signed up to go on a list of volunteers for covid vaccine testing.  That's another thing I don't understand...the anti-vax brigade.  Why would anyone not want a vaccine to protect oneself against a deadly disease?  Well, again, each to their own I guess.

I've just weighed myself, for the first time in diet has completely gone out of the window, can't be bothered with it at the moment, so was expecting to have gained a few pounds.  Well, to my amazement, I've lost fact I've now lost the 10% of my body weight that my consultant recommended (ironically, since my op has been postponed for 6 months!).  As a matter of fact, I've actually lost a pound more than the 10%.  Must be all the dog walks.

Betty's just got up, asked to go out and did a big wee in the garden....good, so no rush for me to take her out now, we can wait till the wind dies down a bit.

I've been doing a lot of deep thinking lately whilst I've been dog walking, or marooned at home.  Things are going to change in the new year.


  1. Well done on the weight loss and bring on that vaccine, I'll be straight there for a jab as soon as I'm allowed.

  2. Well done - you worked to develop some better food habits, maybe, and they are standing you in good stead and the extra exercise, painful as it is, must be helping a bit as well. Great.
    I don't understand how people can deny the reality of what's happening. I wonder if the same view existed during the Spanish Flu pandemic a century ago. Weird.

  3. Good morning, It's interesting how so much of your post reflects what's happening in my world here in Wales. I'm an early riser too especially when lying down produces more pain so up I get, turn on the heating (worry too now if we lost electricity as husband's psoriatic arthritis attacks can be triggered by cold). It's blowing a gale here too. Can't understand why anyone wouldn't want the vaccine. I'll be waiting at the surgery door once they have it. Well done with the weight loss. Haven't got on the scales since we moved and I know there have been too many treats to make up for all the physical hard work involved. Hate having to take a break but I try to think of ways to make life easier as the old body crumbles. Blogging counts as maintaining social interactions. (Hence the rambling comment.) Stay safe.

  4. Well done on your weight loss, that will help so much with aches and pains

    I think people who are against having this vaccination are worried about how quickly this has been developed so there is no information about any long term effects.

    And no wonder you were put off driving, the roads are busier now too.
    Hope your deep thinking takes you nearer to civilization to make things easier

  5. Great news on your weight loss and I'll be first in the queue when it's my turn for the vaccine!!
    It's all rather confusing, according to the BBC news on TV the last two days, our area is well down from the National average, and dropping. This morning local radio tells me that the number of cases is rising sharply!! Oh well, we just have to do our best and continue to stick to the rules.

  6. Well done on the weight loss. I, too, can't understand the conspiracy theorists and anti-vax brigade. My daughter, son-in-law and 5 month old grandson have all tested positive and are isolating. Fortunately, touch wood, none of them have severe symptoms. The sooner we can all be vaccinated, the better. If I had to have a jab every day, I would, if it meant I could see my family again. And I dread to think what will happen if the proposed 5 days of get-together over Christmas happens. The numbers will sky-rocket! xx

  7. Mad cat woman who lives next door does not believe in Covid19, she will not wear a mask, and is always having a go at someone on facebook regarding what the government is doing to us, she thinks they killing off all the older people and the poor to make a better world> I know that contradicts there is no virus, but as my open word said she is mad!! Like you and millions of others, we are ensuring we are as safe as we can be, and will have any vaccine they offer.

  8. Brilliant news on the weight loss, it will be all good for the pain in your hip and the operation, when it finally happens.

    I'm sick of hearing from people who 'don't believe in Covid', they are obviously lucky enough not to have been touched by it in any way. The evidence is all around them if they would chose to look and take off their blinkers. So selfish the lot of them :-(

  9. Congratulations on the weight loss. It beggars belief that people believe Covid doesn't exist, open your eyes is all I can say.

  10. Well done on the weight loss! I cannot understand all the people in my country who believe this is a hoax. 11 million people have had covid in my country. Over 250,000 have died. In my county, our cases have tripled in the last six weeks. I read a thing last week that said one in ever 378 Americans has tested positive for covid. How much more real do things need to get?

  11. My mum & dad are in the anti-vacc brigade, sadly. They decided to shield back in March purely through age (74), no underlying health issues. I've done all their shopping/errands since last March, willingly I might add, but I do have underlying health issues. Now the vaccine might be ready soon, they're not having it as "not enough is known about it".

  12. I think a lot of people have done some deep thinking this year. Not necessarily to do with the pandemic, but just that they’ve had more time to think about things in general. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot of changes, big and small, being implemented when all this settles down x


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