Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Feeling my way cautiously

 Thanks so much for your supportive comments on my last post.  I've been having a bit of an internal battle...whilst I am determined to change things in the new year, I do kind of feel a bit selfish.  I've run a few of my plans past husband and best friend...I get the impression they're a bit surprised.  Certainly husband seems a bit disgruntled about one or two things, although he's not tried to dissuade me.  I won't let it put me off though, I think it will benefit us both in the future if I'm happier about things.

Now that I know things are going to change in the new year, I'm feeling a bit happier and more positive.  I can't make any real changes before then....partly due to Covid restrictions, husband's incapacity, and just the time of year - some of my plans depend on decent weather.  But I can at least make plans.

Yesterday and today husband actually took Betty out, for short walks only (on my recommendation), he's much more stable on his feet now and in a lot less pain.  It's the first time he's left the house in 3 1/2 weeks, other than a hospital appointment, he managed pretty well, hopefully he'll be able to go a bit further in due course.  It'll make my life a bit easier as well, and benefit him....he's been spending too much time lying on the sofa, usually asleep, he needs to start getting his life going again.

I'm going for my hip x-ray tomorrow, I'll be interested to see exactly how bad my hip is.  If I do need a hip replacement, I can't see it being anytime soon, it's not a priority operation (unless I fall over and break it, not something I plan on doing!).  But it might open the way towards more treatment, possibly acupuncture or pain relief injections?  I'd consider anything, I'm really not happy about taking codeine every day.

Sorry I've not commented much on your blogs recently, no excuse other than not being on the internet much, had so much to do.  I will endeavour to catch up!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling more positive about the future. Even if not all your plans come to fruition, at least you're on the right track. It's good that your hubby is feeling up to walking Betty, even if it's only a short walk. It'll do you both good! I hope your hip x-ray leads to some sort of resolution for your pain. Hugs. xx

  2. All positive. Taking control of your life is good.

  3. Hip, hip hooray...see what I did there? ;) Trying to get you to grin. One day at a time and progress will be made on ALL fronts.

  4. Sooze love, I know how bad that hip pain is. Hopefully you will be able to find some relief even it is means having it replaced. Please be gentle with yourself and don't overdo things.

  5. I think what you've done is change your mindset. It opens doors for you, broadens the horizons. It doesn't mean you HAVE to go a certain way, it just means you could, if you wanted to. Don't let the new mindset imprison you in its own way -enjoy the freedom and make it work for you, not the other way round.

    End of slight rant! Did it make sense?

  6. Your husband might be disgruntled with the 'new you' at first, but then like most men he will get used to it ... and maybe even secretly like a more assertive wife who says it like it is and takes no nonsense!!

  7. Hope all goes well with the x ray and you are able to get some for of treatment. Take care.


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