Sunday 15 November 2020

It's like this...

 Thank you all for comments, they are helpful.  

It's not that I don't have enough to do, or a routine - I do have a routine, I'm very organised (years of being a personal secretary make sure of that).  I have too much to do though, with husband being unable to do a lot of things it means I have to do the jobs that he normally does but presently can't, as well as the housework, cooking, washing, shopping ordering, banking etc that I always do.  And then of course having to walk Betty twice a day - which I would enjoy if it wasn't winter and my hip wasn't so painful.  

As for not feeling safe to go out because of the fear of catching covid - actually, I don't worry about that much at all...for the simple reason that I don't have close contact with anybody.  If I see any neighbours when out with Betty (rare), I only converse with them from a distance.  When I have to get one of them to give me a lift anywhere, I wear a mask in their car, as do they.  I've not been inside anyone else's house, nor anybody in ours, since March, other than a couple of times with best friend when we weren't in lockdown.  I keep as safe as I possibly can, so no I'm not overly concerned about catching the virus.  I'm just so fed up with not being able to go anywhere or see family and friends, with husband being unable to drive for weeks and me being a non driver, I just feel so isolated and cooped up.  

Finding some gripping tv series to watch....if only!  As husband is more or less immobile, he's watching the bloody thing all day every day - he's had car racing on for almost the entire day today, I had to go upstairs to escape it.  By preference I'd have the radio on, on a music channel like Heart, Gold or Smooth Radio, which I do in the kitchen or upstairs.

He's going to hospital tomorrow, to have his stitches out, a new dressing put on and instructions as to what happens next.  He still won't be allowed to drive for a while, but I'm hoping he'll be given a date when he can.


  1. I hope your Husband gets his stitches out alright and he has no problems.
    Sue have you not thought about getting a second television that you could put into your craft room, several of my friends have 2 tvs especially when the man likes to watch a lot of sport. Hazel c uk 🌈🌈

  2. I sympathise with you. Being cooped up all day every day isn't fun. Can you make part of your craft room into a cosy sitting area where you can listen to the radio or read quietly? Supply hubby with some food/drink and the remote and disappear to your quiet space for an hour or two. xx

  3. I am going to start passing something around I found out about Covid. It comes from the CDC numbers. 99. percent of people who get it recover.
    Over 70 it is a little less.
    Seems overly rigorous what we are going through for it.

    1. Just more information to consider in this lack of information we have.

  4. Hoping the appointment works out well and he is very rapidly back on his feet again. Also, fingers crossed for a driving date to work towards.
    You are very wise to stay safe. This virus is very nasty and people who get it more than very lightly say they've never felt so unwell in their life. Not something to encourage/risk either for yourself or for those around you.

  5. Sooze, there's loads of videos on You Tube. I have set myself a task of mastering a new skill every week. I've learned so many new things just recently.

  6. I do feel for you, Sooze. Is hubby able to prep the veggies, while he’s sat down? Our weather down here is pretty ropey at the moment too, isn’t it, which doesn’t help with ‘Betty walks’. I hope the stitch removal goes ok and he’s able to do a little bit more physically x

  7. A second television is a really good idea, you could always get a really cheap one off Facebook Marketplace and if you have no aerial outlets in other rooms or upstairs you could do what I did and just buy a cheap DVD player and watch films or box sets that you really love instead of actual television. This was the only thing that kept me sane when Alan was watching sport on the main tele.


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