Sunday, 15 November 2020

Locked down forever

 It's been 2 weeks since husband's operation.  What with the first lockdown, then husband (and thus me also) having to self isolate for a fortnight prior to his op, then unable to put weight on the foot for another fortnight, nor drive for weeks, plus the current lockdown....I feel like a prisoner who's been locked up for a year.  Ok so I take the dog out....but we don't see anyone.

I'm just going stir crazy.  Finding it all very difficult at mo.


  1. I know what you mean Sooze. It's all getting to me too. I don't think winter helps either. At least with the first lockdown, the weather was nice and we could enjoy some outdoor time. Now it's dark, cold and wet and going out is such a pain. Hang on there Sooze (we've got no choice) and one day, hopefully soon, we can return to some sort of normality. Hugs. xxx

  2. I'm not surprised you are finding things difficult at the moment, remember we are all sending you virtual ((HUGS)) and positive vibes to help you through.

  3. It really does feel like that at times, doesn't it, and the gloomy weather isn't helping in the slightest. At least last time we had some fine weather and the days were getting longer.
    Keep going and chin up - it WILL get better eventually and won't we enjoy it when it does.
    (((((lots of hugs)))))

  4. You have had one problem after the other, it's not surprising that you struggling. I'm amazed at how you cope sometimes. It is very difficult, for me as well. Not because I am restricted as to where I can go, but because I can see the wider picture. I am restricted in my own head, within my own thoughts. I am in a prison. All I can do is wait. I hope the jailer comes along with a key and lets us both out.

  5. We are all getting fed up with it all and the weather does not help,
    I live on my own and I phone somebody out side the family and chat to them which helps me.
    Try and look on the bright side of things for it does not help to always be miserable there is always somebody worse of than you. Half and hour ago you could not see for the rain and now it's sunshine. Try and think about the good things you have which always helps me. We are so lucky with that we gave in this country. Take care Sue and life is good most of the time.
    Hazel c uk ������

  6. It's not surprising that you feel this way, just know that you have lots of friends on here that are sending waves of support your way and thinking of you. Blogging, menu planning and setting up some sort of housework rota in amongst the doggy walks might help a little and also finding some gripping television series to watch.

    Also let hubby know that you need some time to yourself in the house and don't always be at his beck and call.

  7. Oh Sooze, I know exactly how you feel; it's the not knowing how and when we can feel safe again. In normal times, we cope with all the trials and tribulations of life - our illnesses and day to day problems - but lockdown and other Covid restrictions are an extra layer of darkness on top, aren't they? I live alone and since March have isolated at home (because I'm so scared of catching Covid) but thoroughly enjoyed the summer months spent in the garden, doing little jobs or simply sitting in the sunshine with a book (or dozens of books!) But these dark days and long nights are awful. I focus on the Shortest Day, which will arrive on 21st December - and from that day forward, the darkness will recede. Yay!!! The days WILL get lighter and longer; and our spirits will lighten as well. Keep on keeping on, Sooze; we're all in the same boat and we WILL survive. xx

  8. Have you thought about getting your drivers license?


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