Monday, 2 November 2020

And its only day 3

Husband's foot hasn't been put in plaster as we'd thought it would be, it's heavily bandaged and padded, he's been given a big shoe thing with Velcro straps for when he has to stand up.  But no crutches....Yet he was told not to put any pressure on the foot for 2 weeks.  So how is he supposed to go to the bathroom or move around from room to room, go up and down stairs, have a shower (it's an over the bath one, not a cubicle) without putting any weight on that foot?  We don't have a downstairs loo, only upstairs.  He can't move around without holding onto something - he's almost 70, unsteady on his feet at the best of times, and not skinny!  So I've ordered him some crutches, they'll be delivered tomorrow.  In the meantime, I was going to borrow a Zimmer frame for him from a neighbour whose husband used it before he died....unfortunately, she's gone to stay with her son for a few days so I can't.  Ridiculous not to give him crutches, how on earth did they think he/we would manage?

I've been up and down stairs so many times (he stayed in bed yesterday) - what with that, walking the dog 2x daily, doing all the housework (minimal I have to say!), cooking, washing up, washing, taking rubbish out, sorting his bedroom out which looks like a bomb's hit it, he's so untidy, I will lose stones without even trying.  And I am totally knackered.  Just trying to keep up with giving him pain meds 4x daily, along with the 8 or 10 normal heart etc meds he takes every day, wears me out...He's so forgetful, I have to do everything for him, it's like having a demanding child.  Not that he demands anything, he doesn't, he is aware how helpless he is without me.  I'm just so tired.

He's got to go back to hospital in a fortnight to have the bandages taken off and renewed, the consultant will check his foot then and decide on the next steps....whether/when to start physiotherapy.  Although now we're back in lockdown I can't see how he will be going for the weekly physio sessions for 6 weeks that was originally mentioned.

He says if he knew how painful his foot would be and how difficult it would make everything, he wouldn't have had the op.  Well, I'd guessed it would be, I don't know why he thought it would be a breeze.  At least he won't be in daily pain like he was before the op, once he's recovered.

He's a very difficult patient and I'm not cut out to be a nurse.  Sorry to moan, but I'm so totally knackered, physically and emotionally.


  1. I can sympathise. My husband had an op on the 31st as well. Men don't make good patients do they? I keep telling my husband that every day he'll feel a bit better, but he just says (in an Eeyore sort of voice) "I hope so." Men! I had to arrange the appointment, and as we had to travel to London and self-isolate for 3 days prior to the op, I had to book the train tickets and accommodation. If I'd waited for him to do it, we'd still be waiting. I hope your hubby feels a bit better each day too. At least it's done now and things can only get better! Take care of yourself. You know the old adage, you have to look after yourself to be able to look after others. xx

  2. Bless you Sooze. Feel free to have a good old moan pet. It's far better than bottling it up.

  3. Oh goodness - you do sound exhausted. Hope you can forget the housework and get as much rest as possible in between running up and down stairs.

  4. Stupid about no crutches, although you used to be able to hire hem from the Red Cross.

  5. I totally understand, my hubby after his heat operation he was in bed for a week, I was exhausted, and that was with him in the downstairs bedroom, so no stairs. Look after yourself, hopefully soon he will be back on his feet and as you say in no pain.

  6. Moan away, love. It can help to have a good old grumble and it does sound as if you have plenty to grumble about. No-one's fault, it's just the way things are.
    I hope he feels more comfortable soon. Much love to you and, when you can, do rest. Most routine stuff can wait.

  7. Gosh, moan all you want to it sounds horrendous for you at the minute. I'm never a good nurse at the best of times never mind when i'm run ragged, I think I'd be crushing up sleeping tablets for the patient ... or me ... either would work ;-)

  8. Crazy sending your husband home without crutches. Have a moan on your blog. Don't expect you are 100% well yet and it's hard having everything to do and dog walking. Turn a blind eye to the housework, you need to take care of yourself to take care of hubby.

  9. How ridiculous not giving your husband crutches, I was given 3 after my knee op so I could leave one upstairs as where we lived then only had upstairs loo.. hope he heals well and soon. Take care of yourself too.

  10. Hugs!!!!
    Just like with a child, when he sleeps you lay down at least, if not sleep.
    Maybe no shower but just sponge baths for the present. I figure he isn't to get his foot wet for a time anyway.
    Let him sleep in his chair downstairs w/ a wee bottle.
    Anything to just get by and not wear yourself out.
    Sandwiches, no hot food, that sort of thing.

  11. Hugs hugs hugs. Agree totally with the others, do the least you can get away with and try to put your feet up for a bit. I too do not understand how he was sent home without crutches. More hugs.

  12. You know , I had just been thinking. He probably WAS sent home with crutches and he either refused or forgot them . :)


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