Tuesday 17 November 2020


 So husband had his stitches out yesterday, new thickly padded dressing on and new boot thing.  Told again to stay off foot for at least another week, has to go back to hospital in another 4 weeks, at which time he'll be x-rayed and told what the next steps are in terms of possible physio and whether/when he can start driving again.  So essentially no change for the next 4 weeks for either of us.  Brilliant.  As if I wasn't depressed enough already.

The consultant did apologise for not giving him crutches, said it was an oversight on their part - well yes!!  Now, if I'd been there with him - which I wasn't as he had to go alone because of covid restrictions - I would have asked for him to be shown how to use the crutches.  He didn't think to ask though, he never does think of relevant questions, it's always me who does that.

Can't sleep again, hip is agony after a particularly horrible dog walk in the rain yesterday, so am sitting downstairs making lists of things I need to do.....sort out and rearrange stuff in big freezer, defrost small freezer, make 2 lots of dog food, prep and freeze a load more of our home grown apples.  All exciting stuff!! 😒

Betty's just come and sat beside me for a cuddle.  I do envy dogs their ability to sleep anywhere, anytime.


  1. One thing after another. I'm so sorry the hip is giving you so much trouble at the moment. ((((many hugs))))

  2. Gird your loins, it might be a bumpy ride for the next few weeks! Sorry your hip is giving you pain. I wish I had some tips to ease it for you, but I think cuddling a dog might help! xx

  3. This lockdown is much harder, the weather means we spend more time inside, with your extra 2 weeks before lockdown, I can understand how you feel, plus you have the extra worry of health issues. I have always used craft to fill my time, I'm making my Christmas cards, but this year I'm struggling with the designs, my mind is not on the task.

  4. Good your husband got on well at the hospital and I am sure the weeks will fly until he is back to driving the car. The damp weather does not help with back pain as I and many know just take small steps and you will get there eventually.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈

  5. I understand the not being with them at consultations Sooze. I dread it if Tom has to go anywhere now as he is like your husband and doesn't ask the relevant questions and doesn't remember a thing they told him. I think it's just men, lol
    I've almost given up taking pills for my hip and back as they really do not make much difference. I think if I took them on a regular basis they might do but codeine do other things don't they? lol and Ibuprofen are not good to take a lot of, so its put up with it.
    The price of getting older I think Sooze.

  6. It's hard when you can't go with him to the consultations, it is always better with two to remember things and ask questions. Whenever my Mum speaks to the Doctor on the phone she forgets everything that has just been said immediately, so by the time I phone her for an update there is nothing she can tell me ... most frustrating.

    Is there a reason you never learnt to drive? My life would have been so different without the freedom that learning to drive at 30 gave me, I literally went without food to pay for my lessons as I was that keen to learn.

  7. Bless you, so sorry to hear that your hip is now playing up. It is always one thing after the other. It is a shame you can't go with your husband but I do understand why.


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