Friday 16 April 2021

Husbands and clothes shopping

 What's your other half like when it comes to clothes?  Mine has no interest in clothes at all - clothes to him are just things to cover him up and keep him warm, he really doesn't care what he or the clothes look like.  He has plenty of clothes, but wears the same 2 or 3 pairs of scruffy track suit bottoms and t-shirts or rugby shirts all the time.....consequently, he looks like a scarecrow or a tramp most of the time.  And I'm not even joking!  He wears his clothes literally until they fall to bits, or I throw them out.  It hasn't mattered much during the last year of lockdown, but now things are easing and we're starting to think about going out a bit more, it does matter - I don't want him going out wearing the same scruffy old ripped or dirty clothes he wears at home.  I try to make an effort, even at home - I wear coordinating colours, at least!

Trying to get him to actually buy new clothes is a nightmare - I honestly think he would be happy wearing the same thing all the time....I sometimes have to tell him to PLEASE put his clothes in the wash!  On the rare occasion when I've got him to a clothes store, he acts like a sulky teenager - slouching around with his hands in his pockets, refusing to try anything on and asking if I'VE finished - when it's stuff for him I'm looking at!  I did actually persuade him to order himself some clothes online the other week - he got half a dozen assorted tops (no bottoms).....he's worn one of them once in the 3 weeks or so since they arrived.  I don't think he's even tried the rest on.  There's no point in me ordering him anything myself - I've tried that, he just complains he doesn't like them and refuses to wear most of it.  He also thinks anything that costs more than £10 is daylight robbery. πŸ˜–

Well, I've told him today that he MUST get new clothes before we go on holiday, as I'm just not going away with him looking like a tramp....he's reluctantly agreed.  So one day next week we are going shopping for clothes for him - I might have to take a handful of my anti-anxiety meds beforehand πŸ˜‚  (Or buy myself something new as a consolation for the stress of it).

I know the past year has been difficult for everyone, in one way or another - I just think that being stuck at home for so long unable to do all the odd jobs, gardening etc he normally does for neighbours, and then the 6 or 8 weeks when his foot was in plaster and he couldn't put any weight on it so couldn't go out, has taken away his motivation.  He's not depressed, he's just got quite lazy and stuck in a rut.


  1. Your husband sounds just like me, I hate buying new clothes or new shoes always have. M&S just suits me fine. I do make sure my clothes are clean and tidy, no buttons missing. I have clothes just for the garden and staying at home, I do have special clothes it I am going out special maybe its something to do that I was born 1938 and clothes were a luxury.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈

  2. I shopped for my father as a teenager and I shop for my husband now. Through out his old clothes he will object so what, if you are going out say wear this. Never had any complaints as he does not care what he wears, I do buy any wear clothes and when I get home he must try them on to see if they fit.

  3. I think it's a man thing. Mine hates shopping for anything, but especially clothes. If he doesn't see the thing he wants within 5 minutes of being in the shop, he's had enough. Or he sees something he likes, but says he'll get it another day, by which time it's no longer available. As for trying anything on, don't get me started! Men! xx

  4. Col never went shopping for clothes until I introduced him to charity shops where the smaller choice wasn't so overwhelming and he liked the prices too!

  5. Mine is the opposite. Thinks nothing of spending £60 on smart joggers, £150+ on RAB jackets. He doesnt throw or give anything away, which is annoying. There is some clothes that are well past it in his wardrobe.

  6. My husband is the same. He looks like a homeless bum, even if I buy clothes - and I don’t think in 20 some years he’s bought more than some socks. We live in the country and he loves mucking in the garden so he’s almost always dirty, and his clothes are often torn from contact with brambles and barbed wire. What can you do? I’ve mostly given up unless we’re going somewhere special.

  7. My husband is exactly like yours,an absolute tramp. He has nice clothes but just chooses not to wear them! After 52 years I've now given up trying to smarten him up. I would draw the line at trampy clothes on holiday too.


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