Thursday, 29 April 2021

This is why....

 I've always hated sewing, probably because when we did Needlework at school (it was one of the compulsory classes for girls back then) I didn't much like the teacher, and the project I chose was ridiculously over-ambitious.  We all had to choose an item of clothing to make throughout the term - we could pick from a range of patterns and choose the material.  Most girls chose to make simple tops or A-line skirts with elasticated waists - I chose.....a pair of trousers.  With a zip.  What an idiot!  The teacher, who was a bit of a sarcastic madam, raised an eyebrow and said I'd find that hard....which just made me all the more determined to do it and prove her wrong.  Unfortunately, she was proved right, and took great delight in telling me so.  And I never did finish making those trousers.

When I first moved in with future husband, I made a point of telling him I didn't darn socks, or anything else for that matter.  His mother was a professional seamstress and he'd picked up enough knowledge from watching her work to do a bit of simple sewing himself, so used to darn his own socks.

The other day, I bought a lightweight summer cardigan, a black one, something I'd been looking for.  It's just what I want, I love it - but I don't love the buttons.  They're far too blingy for my liking, sparkly fake diamond things, but the main problem is they're far too heavy for the lightweight knit of the cardigan - they'll pull holes in it and fall off in no time.  But I like the cardi so much I thought, no matter, I've got a button tin, I'll just remove them and sew on new buttons from the tin.  Not that I'm in the habit of sewing on buttons.....I use them for crafts and cardmaking.

The first problem this morning when I sat down to do it - upon looking through the button tin, I found I didn't have 5 buttons the same 😒.  Oh well, I thought, I'll just use 5 completely different buttons for contrast - it's something different and makes the cardi unique to me - nobody else will have one the same!  Sorted.  Well, the next problem was trying to thread the needle - blimey, my eyesight has deteriorated more than I thought (I clearly do need to go to Specsavers again).  And then actually sewing on the buttons.....well, the thread kept going into knots for a start (cheap thread I suppose, think I bought a job lot of threads from a car boot sale years ago).  And I pricked my fingers numerous times.  And at one point I accidently got a loop of the thread caught around the previous button I'd just sewn on, and didn't notice until I'd sewn through the holes of the current button several times.

And this is why I don't do any sewing unless I absolutely have to.


  1. Oh, Sooze, this made me giggle! I'm the opposite. I was making my own clothes for years before we started dressmaking at school. For our first proper clothing, I chose a grey striped material to make a skirt. The teacher looked at the fabric and said "That's going to be difficult to match up the stripes." Well, I did it, but I never wore that skirt as it took a whole term of pin, tack, try on, sew, French seam, try on again etc. I was sick of the sight of it by the time I'd finished. I was used to pin, sew, finished! Mind you, being somewhat vertically challenged, I'm glad I can sew. Everything I buy needs shortening. Wish I lived close enough to sew your buttons for you. xx

  2. Oh gawd ... I'm with you on this one!! And at school the only thing I ever made in sewing class was a bag to carry my books to school in, then I chose Housecraft, which was the name given to cooking classes, in preference to sewing so I didn't have to make anything else on a sewing machine.

    What I didn't mention on the blog post about me repairing the old patchwork quilt was that with the quilt being so old now and really thin in places I accidently sewed through two layers of the folded quit TWICE and had to undo and redo my neat little stitches. By the time I had finished I was ready to turn the bloody thing into a dog bed, haha.

  3. You've just made me chuckle as I pictured you sitting sewing those buttons on.

  4. My first laugh of the day, thank you so much!

  5. I hate sewing - but to read about you and your buttons has made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that.


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