Wednesday 21 April 2021

Making compromises

 Back in January I rang the dentist, as I had a wobbly tooth which was giving me a bit of pain.  I was told that it wasn't classed as an emergency, and therefore I'd have to go on a waiting list.  If it dropped out, or the pain became unbearable, then I should phone back, but in the meantime take painkillers and use salt water as a mouth rinse.  Well, thankfully the tooth is still there, and hasn't been giving me too much trouble.....the dentists rang today, finally, offering me an appointment just before our holiday.  I declined though - I don't want a sore mouth when I'm just about to go on holiday (just like Joy!).  So the appointment has been made for the week after we get back.

I'd had to get in touch yet again with the company who sent our rattan garden furniture, about the glass table top which arrived smashed to bits - I'd tried emailing and sending FB messages several times, and had been told several different things.  E.g., they had no spare tops at all, they had some on order but they would take about 12 weeks to arrive, they couldn't get hold of any so we could get quotes from a local glazier to provide a replacement top and they would bear the cost.  However, when given the quotes they then said they'd have another look in their warehouse!  Heard nothing for several days, sent a strongly worded email and FB message, got reply within a few minutes saying a manager was on the case.  Then another email late in the day saying they'd found one and were despatching it via courier!  Amazingly, it actually arrived the next day.'s not the correct size, it's clearly been taken from a different furniture set as it's slightly too small.  I ummed and ahhed about getting in touch with the company yet again, before deciding that it actually doesn't really matter.  With all the other stresses going on, I'm choosing to pick my battles and this isn't one I'm really bothered enough about.

We're making compromises about the garden as well, but I'll come to that another time.


  1. That's annoying about the table top, but if it doesn't bother you too much, not worth the hassle. Still, you shouldn't have to battle with companies. Some don't know the meaning of customer service! xx

  2. A bit annoying but - as you say - pick your battles!! I wonder which unfortunate will receive a table without its glass top!
    Very wise about the dentist. Holiday first!!!

  3. Definitely enjoy that holiday without worrying about the tooth. You are very wise to pick the battles that matter and ignore stuff that doesn't

  4. Yes, sometimes you just have to let things go don't you.


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