Thursday, 29 April 2021

Nothing shown up

 Husband's bloods have come back as normal, and there's nothing worrying noted on the ECG - he hasn't seen the GP, he was told this on the phone.  There is clearly something going on though, to cause his chest pains and breathlessness, so he's got a face to face appointment with the GP the Monday after we come back from holiday.  I think he might well need a referral back to cardiology.

Yes we are going on holiday - he insists he wants to and feels up to it.  As we won't be doing anything much whilst away (the weather forecast is for showers the whole week), a week of rest shouldn't tax him.  Although being stuck in a static caravan with him having the TV on all the time might stretch my patience a bit - I'll have to take Betty out a lot!  I've checked and there's a hospital and 3 GP surgeries near where we're going, in case of emergencies.

I've been sort of preparing stuff for the hol all week, although haven't actually packed anything until now, so as not to tempt fate.  As I said before, I've cooked and frozen several meals to take with us, as I don't intend to be slaving over a hot stove whilst we're away.  I expect we'll eat out a few times, even if it's just fish and chips in the car overlooking the beach (we get a small piece of fish for Betty, she loves it, although we take most of the batter off).

There's nobody staying in the caravan this week, we are the first guests since self sufficient holiday lets were allowed to reopen, and the site owners have assured me they've given it a very vigorous and safe clean.  There's no-one else booked into the 2 other caravans either, so we'll have the place to ourselves, even better.  And the owners said we can arrive there anytime after 10.00 am, instead of the usual 3 pm, so it's like having an extra day....normally, if you can't get into a holiday place until 3 or 4, it means most of the day is wasted.

We have a house sitter taking care of the house whilst we're away, so no need to worry (not that there's any crime round here anyway, fortunately).  There's good WiFi and phone signal where we're going - makes a change, it's probably much better than we have here.

I'm glad we're going, I feel like I'm on my knees right now.


  1. I'm glad you're going, you need a change of scenery. Hopefully the weather will be better than forecast and you can get some pairing and sketching in. Have a lovely time.

  2. From our experiences with Tom's heart problems the ECG isn't very good at detecting problems. I would ask for a angiogram, that's the only way to see what is happening. Tom's ECG was fine but he had to have stents so don't be fobbed off, stick to your guns Sooze.

  3. I hope the break away does you both good. You could always try tempting Hubby with doing some art as a change from TV. ๐Ÿ˜ Enjoy the rest and fingers crossed you get some answers from the GP on your return. xx

  4. I hope the weather is good so he can be out of doors a lot of the time or you can.
    Glad Briony is up there having some experience with the heart issues.

  5. I'm so glad you are able to get away and that there will be few people close by so as safe as it can be.
    I have a regular house sitter too - it is so reassuring.

  6. I hope you do manage to get a good rest, you as well as hubby. As you say fresh air and a change of scenery should work wonders, and fish and chips sat overlooking the sea sounds just grand ... for all three of you.

    Enjoy yourselves. xx

  7. Glad to hear husband's bloods are normal and you can enjoy your holiday.

    I just read your sewing blog from yesterday, made me chuckle and nod wisely, you been spying on me??? I'm with you all the way and h.a.t.e. sewing. My first experience at school was a half pinney, in turquoise gingham, I'm still traumatised by my miserable efforts at hemming it.

    Funnily enough I love knitting and don't mind sewing up a knitted garment, no problem, but give me a fabric sewing needle and thread and I get pricked every time. Vicious things!!

  8. Hope you have a nice holiday Snooze and everything goes well with all your plans.
    Hazel ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ


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