Friday 9 December 2022

Done already

 Just had a phone call from husband to say he's been done (he was first on the list) and can come home around 12 noon.  He hasn't had another stent fitted, he's not too clear on the details as to why (he had a sedative so is a bit woozy), but I expect all will be explained in the discharge paperwork, he says the consultant is about to write a letter.  So he'll be home several hours earlier than expected.

He said there are only 3 out of 5 patients there this just didn't turn up (how terrible is that?!), and another was sent straight home after the staff found out he'd driven himself there and was planning on driving home afterwards!  All of the patients are specifically told they cannot drive themselves, they aren't allowed to drive for a week after the procedure.  The patient claimed he had no other way of getting to and from the hospital.  Apart from anything else, if they did drive during the week following the procedure and were unfortunate enough to have an accident, their insurance would be invalid.  Not to mention that they may still have drugs from the procedure in their system, and the angiogram is done through an incision into a large artery, so if any pressure is put on it until it heals properly, it might reopen and they'll bleed to death! 😒😲

Just found out our next door neighbours have all got Covid again, the 2nd time this year, so we'll be avoiding them, not that we have close contact anyway, just chats over the garden fence.


  1. Gosh that was quick. Hope all went well.

  2. Phew! That was quick. Hoping all is fine. xx

  3. That was nice and quick, so much better than hanging about waiting for news. Hopefully now he can recuperate nicely for a few days and he'll be back to his normal self for Christmas.

  4. Wow was that quick. I hope all is well.

    Definitely stay away from the neighbours.

    God bless.


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