Friday, 9 December 2022

The big day, and an added bit

 So it's the day of husband's angiogram, I'm sure it'll go fine.....well, I hope it will.  It's going to be a long day (also a quiet one!!) - I'd set my alarm for 05.30 as that's when husband wanted to get up, although I'm almost always awake by then anyway, but it would be sod's law that on this occasion I didn't wake up early if I didn't set it.  As it happens, I woke up about 04.20 bursting for a wee (shouldn't have had Horlicks yesterday evening), got back in bed but knew I wouldn't go back to sleep, so read the paper on my phone whilst snuggled up in my warm bed with a warm dog lying alongside me.  Husband says he slept pretty well, he's not worried about the angiogram and stent fitting as he's had them done twice before so knows the procedure.

As I mentioned before, I'm going to have another go at the Attendance Allowance forms, it'll be good to do them whilst husband isn't here, there'll be no noise!  Betty's no trouble at all when it's just her and me, she's quiet as a mouse.

I've not yet heard back from the Housing Department regarding our social housing application, submitted online nearly 4 weeks ago, so I think I'll chase them up as well.  I know these things take forever, especially post-Covid.

Speaking of Covid....both of us did lateral flow tests yesterday morning (at the request of the hospital) and both were negative - not that either of us have any symptoms or feel unwell, we don't.  I just hope husband doesn't catch it, or any other nasty bug, whilst he's in the hospital - it seems to be quite common to catch something in hospital, ironically.

And I really must get my Christmas cards written and sent - I've finished making them, and with all the postal strikes going on (think there's one today) I'd best get them in the post asap.  


I'm not really interested in what Harry and Meghan have to say, they're determined to be 'victims' and wash their dirty linen in public, and we don't have Netflix anyway.  But I did see a clip this morning, shown in the paper, showing the two of them sitting on a sofa and Meghan acting out how she 'curtsied' to the Queen on first meeting her, and laughing about it (although I thought Harry looked decidedly uncomfortable).  I just thought, how utterly disrespectful to the Queen that was of Meghan.  As for her tears and general behaviour......once an actress, always an actress.  Well, that's my opinion anyway, for what it's worth.


  1. Thinking of you both today. It's good he is not worried. xx

  2. Sending good vibes your way. Hope all goes well. xx

  3. I'm thinking of you both today. X

  4. Hope hubby is ok Sooze.
    I totally agree about Meghan and Harry's shenanegins. Her mock curtsy and mocking expression was totally over the top and disrespectful. I like Harry but he is completely under her spell. I won't be watching.

  5. All the best for your husband's recovery and good health going forward.
    I watched 3 episodes of the Meghan and Harry series and have to say that I have altered my perspective; they truly love each other, Harry is not in a coersive relationship and the media packs should be thoroughly ashamed at their spiteful treatment in order to sell newspapers. That clip of the curtsay was another example of selective examples - Meghan was NOT mocking the Quenn - far from it. I urge everyone to watch the series with an open mind before commenting.


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