Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Leftovers pie and busy day today

 Yesterday I made a Sunday roast leftovers pie - leftover chicken, roast veggies and gravy in puff pastry.  Last night we had half of it with extra veg on the side, tonight the other half will be with chips.  We'll be out most of the day with husband's 2 separate hospital appointments, so I needed something quick and easy to just more or less bung in the oven when we get home.  I'm taking ham (for husband) and cheese (for me) rolls with us for lunch, plus a large bottle of water - husband has to drink a full pint after he comes out of his echocardiogram, to fill his bladder in readiness for the urinary flow tests for his prostate problems.  So by the time we get from one side of Taunton to the other, he'll be bursting for a pee, but will have to hold on until he's in the testing room at the hospital.  Rather him than me.  I suppose he could wait until we arrive at the hospital, and then down the water in one go.

It's turned really cold now and is set to get even colder apparently.....well, it is winter.  I hate being cold nowadays, following years of hot flushes and night sweats during the menopause.  Although I think on balance I'd rather be cold - at least I can put a thicker jumper on, or wrap up in a fleece blanket.  Having that horrible heat rise up your body into your face, dripping with sweat and feeling like you were permanently in a sauna wasn't fun!  And to think I used to laugh at my poor Mum and her best friend Doreen who were both always fanning themselves and sitting by open windows, we never think of those kind of things happening to us when we get older do we?  In fact, when we were teenagers we never really considered ever getting 'old'.....old to us was anyone over 30, wasn't it?!

I've sent an email to Age UK asking for a visit to help me with the AA form, sometime next week would be ideal, seeing as I'll be home all week whilst husband can't drive.

I made a few more Christmas cards yesterday, must get those that need to be posted sent off within the next couple of days.  We had our first Christmas card at the beginning of last was from my friend in Kent who sent it in the same envelope as my birthday card, to save on postage.  Good idea!

Did anyone watch Jeff Wayne's musical production of War of the Worlds the other evening?  It was on Sky Arts, not a new production, it was put on several years ago I think.  The Narrator was Liam Neeson (equally as good as Richard Burton) and it had several stars in it.....Marti Pellow (much as I liked him in WetWetWet, I have to say his voice wasn't up to much live on stage in this production....but he's got a lovely smile) and Jason Donovan as Parson Nathaniel - he over-acted his heart out, bless him, but he was quite good in spite of that!  Ricky Wilson, the lead singer of Kaiser Chiefs, played the Artilleryman, he was almost unrecognisable with a big bushy beard.  We'd recorded it and watched it Saturday night, seeing as the main Strictly show wasn't on because of the football.  I've always liked the WOTW music, my brother had the album when it first came out in the late 70s and played it to death, so we all got to know all the words!  I thoroughly enjoyed it, it made a nice change from the usual rubbish that's on after the main Strictly show......stupid game shows (I hate game shows) and films that everybody's seen umpteen times.


  1. Hoping your dash around Taunton isn't too stressful for either of you. I feel very lucky that I never had any menopause symptoms. Mind you, I did suffer with PMS for years, so I guess it's swings and roundabouts! I can remember my uncle having his 22nd birthday and thinking it must be awful to be that old. Hehe! I didn't see WOTW, but I do like to watch Portrait Artist of the Year, on Sky Arts. Such talent. It's hard to find anything decent to watch nowadays. xx

  2. I dearly love a leftover pie of any kind - yours sounds delicious.
    I hope all goes well this week. xx

  3. Leftover pies are just delicious aren't they. Gosh I remember when I was little asking Mum to tell me all about the 'olden days', she must have been about 26 at the time, but I thought she was ancient!!

  4. I remember my eldest son, aged about 10 or 11, asking me what life was like in Roman times; they were studying those times at school. I was in my early 30's . . . .

  5. I hope all the tests went well and you weren't too stressed. Your meal sounds lovely.

    God bless.


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