Thursday, 1 December 2022

Poor Betty - edited

 The vet prescribed a sedative tablet for Betty, husband had to go and collect it as it had to be given an hour before the appointment.  I would say it only just took the edge off her anxiety - although on the way home she slept all the way, so perhaps she should have had it a little earlier!

He had to cut all of her claw away, as it was completely disengaged from the quick - I was holding her tightly as she was wriggling like mad.  She yelped and her toe bled all over the vet's table, he dressed it and bandaged it up with a bright orange bandage.  He gave her some antibiotics and said to continue with the painkilling medication (still got half the bottle left) and the nail strengthening tablets.  

Once home she took a while to settle and wasn't at all happy with the bandaged foot, kept holding it up and trying to bite the bandage off.  Luckily we had a bottle of a doggy calming spray and squirted that on her foot, which seemed to do the trick.  She ate her dinner with her meds and then slept with her head on my lap for an hour.

She did sleep through most of the night, the after effects of the sedative and painkilling meds no doubt.  However, this morning she is frantic with anxiety, obsessively licking at her foot continually.  She started pulling the bandage off early this morning, we took it off (the vet said it could be taken off this morning).  Husband was telling her off, trying to get her to stop licking the foot, I said he needs to calm down and not shout at her as it's just making her worse (yes you're right, Gemma's Person, she is picking up on his anxiety).  I've been trying to distract her, which works for a short while.  I can see us having to go back to the vet for some more anti-anxiety stuff though, we can't keep on like this indefinitely, none of us can.


As she was stuck in an obsessive licking and biting her paw cycle, I thought I'd try giving her some of my CBD oil - after first checking with the vet!  He said he has no personal experience of it, but knows of plenty of people who give it to their pets for calming anxiety and easing arthritis pain.  I gave her a few squirts and she is now lying peacefully on the sofa, dozing - and this despite a terrible drilling noise coming from next door, sounds like they're trying to drill several spy holes into our connecting wall 😡.  I hope they won't be doing it all day!


  1. Oh, poor Betty - and poor you! Hopefully her foot will ease quickly. Maybe licking her foot will help it heal? I seem to recall that there's something in saliva that can aid healing. xx

  2. Poor Betty, I hope her foot is better soon.

  3. Just seen your edit. Can I have some, too? lol! I hope when Betty wakes, her foot is feeling much better. Let's hope the drilling has stopped by now. xx

  4. Poor girl. If that does the trick, I hope she can rest for healing to start.

  5. Hope all heals very quickly . Very good idea of yours for CBD oil. We all need a little sometimes.

  6. Poor Betty, we feel more for our animals than humans sometimes don't we. Glad the cbd worked. Briony

  7. Aww, poor Betty, but it sounds as though the CBD oil is doing the trick. When our Collie broke her toe and split the nail she started on the compulsive licking at her feet, she had to wear a little boot to try and keep her bandages on and dry while it started healing, but we spent most of our time searching for the boot as she would take it off to get to her foot. The foot healed after a month or so but the compulsive licking at her toes was with her until the end.

  8. Aww, poor little mite. I hope that the CBD oil continues to work for her.

    God bless.


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