Sunday, 11 December 2022

Treat things

 Husband is fully recovered from the procedure, he's slept well and feels fine this morning.  He took the dressing off his wrist and it looks absolutely fine.  Hardly any bruising yet, in either arm (he had a cannula in the other arm) but it might come out over the next few days.....last time he had stents fitted he was bruised quite heavily.  But of course he's not had stents this time.  His heart meds make him bruise easily though.  

He's allowed to drive from today, there's a Christmas fair on locally this morning so we'll go to that, it's only a couple of miles away.  Then tomorrow or Tuesday, we'll go to town and get some Christmas goodies - we have most food, toiletries and dog food already, fresh food is coming in my Sainsbury's delivery next week.  We want to get some treats though.....husband has asked for a bottle of ginger wine (neither of us drinks alcohol really - I almost never do, husband only rarely, but he does like a little glass of ginger wine or a bottle of stout once in a blue moon).  We'll get a few bags of nuts, some crisps and a box of Lindor chocolates - I'm not a chocoholic but I do like those.  Some mince pies as well - I always used to make my own, using homemade mincemeat, but I don't bother nowadays....I hardly eat any, perhaps 2 or 3 over the festive season, but husband does like a few and he's not fussy about where they come from.  No Christmas cake or pudding though, we're not keen on either.  I'll get some treats, including a big chewy bone, for Betty as well.  She's not really fussed about toys much, she rips them to shreds within minutes anyway, it's cheaper to just give her a washed-out plastic milk carton with a few treat biscuits inside it, that keeps her amused for 15 minutes.  But she does like a chewy bone - not a real bone, one of those that look like plastic or rubber and are impregnated with some meat flavouring, or a deer antler.  Oh and I'll also get a TV mag, to check if there's anything worth watching over the festive period.  I wonder what King Charles will say in his first Christmas speech?  That's if he's doing one.....I assume he'll want to carry on his mother's tradition.

It's been freezing cold the past few days, with frost and ice in the morning, the last couple of days the ice has stuck around all day as the temperature even during the day hasn't risen much above freezing.  No sign of any snow though, and I hope we don't get it - although Betty does love playing in the snow, so perhaps we could have it just for one morning and then it should go away, please! 😁  Since we've had the new windows and roof, the house is definitely much warmer than before, I put the heating on when I get up around 6 am, it's on for a couple of hours and then we turn it off.  We have it on again during the evening, of course, and we do put it on for an hour or so during the day if we get cold - we're not stupid.  In any case, we're well in credit (almost £400) with our electricity bill so I'm not worried about it.  We have fleece blankets if we get a bit chilly, and I have a lovely fur throw upstairs for when I'm sitting reading in my recliner chair in the bedroom.  We also have hot water bottles with fleece covers but haven't needed them yet.

The cards that needed posting got put in the box at the end of the road yesterday, just the neighbours' ones to write and deliver now.


  1. Well, it's good that him out is feeling OK. We try not to buy treats until nearer the time. We've no will power and if we bought choccy and mince pies etc, we'd eat them, then have to buy more.😋 No snow here, but it's been quite frosty. Usually, when we get snow it only lasts a day or two, but a few years ago we had heavy snow, which lasted weeks, with temperatures of -17.5C! 🥶 Don't want that again, thank you. xx

  2. I'm really glad the new windows and roof have made such a positive difference. Also that Him Outside is recovering so quickly. That's so good. xx

  3. I plan to get some treats made today, the ones that don't need to be frozen, just sealed up. Rolo pretzels and candied pretzels. We have to have heat in continually though lower temperature, to ensure water pipes don't freeze.

  4. I'm so pleased that your is well enough to join in with everything already. It's nice to do things together isn't it. Alan's just off to post our neighbours Christmas cards now, with Mavis in tow. Suky refuses to go out while there's ice on all the pavements.

    1. The missing word is husband' ... did you guess? Haha :-)

  5. Glad you both are feeling well enough to go and treat yourselves. Getting out to do something like that is good for the soul and mind. Have a great time and do enjoy yourselves. We all only get one go at this life and you might as well enjoy what you can. love and hugs Beth

  6. How wonderful that your Hubby is doing so well and not being bruised as of yet.

    Enjoy your trip out to pick up a few treats for the two of you and Betty.

    God bless.


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